Friday, September 9, 2005

ACC/SEC Championship Odds

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ACC Championship Odds
Miami 13-5
Florida State 3-1
Virginia Tech 3-1
Virginia 6-1
Boston College 10-1
NC State 15-1
Georgia Tech 20-1
Clemson 25-1
Maryland 25-1
North Carolina 60-1
Wake Forest 60-1
Duke 500-1

Miami is still considered the odds on favorite to win the ACC this season despite an early loss to FSU and a tough schedule ahead. NC State at 15-1 odds jumps out at me considering they lost last week and have not shown they can get over the hump and challenge for a title since Amato arrived. Georgia Tech and Clemson have the best odds in my opinion at 20-1 and 25-1 respectively. Both teams have the talent and coaching to hang with the top teams of the league and if they get some breaks could pull out the victory. Tech had the Hokies down by 10 in the fourth quarter last season and Clemson beat Miami on the road. Right now, Virginia Tech has the best chance to win the ACC due to the fact they have Miami and Georgia Tech at home and they have a lot of talent coming back from last year’s conference winner. For the Hokies to repeat, Marcus Vick will have to take it up a level against Miami and a possible championship game for the Hokies to repeat.

SEC Championship Odds
LSU 2-1
Florida 7-2
Georgia 4-1
Tennessee 4-1
Alabama 10-1
Auburn 10-1
Arkansas 25-1
South Carolina 25-1
Mississippi 40-1
Mississippi State 40-1
Kentucky 100-1
Vanderbilt 100-1

LSU is the favorite in the SEC and rightly so as they have best talent in the league. It remains to be seen how much effect a coaching change and Hurricane Katrina have on the Tigers. Currently, LSU’s campus is being used as the command post for relief efforts in the New Orleans area. The game against Arizona State had to be moved to Tempe because LSU is not in a condition right now to host a football game. Florida still has some questions on defense that will need to be answered and Tennessee needs to find a quarterback that can maintain a drive. Georgia seems to be dark horses here as the Bulldogs showed Boise State what it is like to play with big boys. D.J. Shockley played well in his first game, a spot that is a question mark for the Bulldogs. Alabama at 10-1 might be the best odds, but they have to keep Brodie Croyle off his backside to even win the West. This league is a four-team race in reality. The triumvirate of UGA, Florida, and Tennessee is all pretty equal right now and LSU is the leader in the West. The East winner may be decided by ranking of the polls as it was two years ago. Florida does have Tennessee at home and has won 13 of the last 15 against Georgia. If LSU can keep it together and use football as an escape from the Hurricane, they should be on top come December in Atlanta.

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