Tuesday, September 27, 2005

SEC Rankings through Week 4

Gators hung 49 on Kentucky in the first half and then began preparing for Alabama this Saturday.

Tough to put the Vols above Georgia, but they did just come from 21 points down at LSU. Maybe if they had played Clausen against Florida they could have won that too.

Two uninspiring wins over two overmatched opponents. Some dust will settle on October 8 in Knoxville.

The Tide defense faces a stiff test this week as they welcome the Gators to Tuscaloosa.

LSU needs to find a way to move the ball through the air. They have too many talented receivers to let them go to waste.

Flying under the radar right now and is still right in the thick of the SEC West.

They keep winning so you can’t put them any lower. Even though you want to.

8.South Carolina
Spurrier got to take out some frustration against Troy. Even a 40-year old walkon got a catch.

9.Mississippi St
Showed they have got some talent and heart by keeping the game against UGA respectable.

At least Alabama did not hang 70 on them.

11.Ole Miss
A home loss to a team from the WAC is never good.

Held the Gators scoreless in the second half, but gave up 35 in the second quarter to seal their fate.

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