Sunday, October 9, 2005

SEC Down This Year?

Article brings up some interesting points. When you look at the SEC top to bottom they are off from last season. A look into the Eastern Division reveals that Georgia is the cream of the crop right now, but outside of a quarterback-less Tennessee team they have not beaten anyone and have not blown away inferior competion. The Boise St win diminishes each week as the Broncos struggled with Portland St this weekend. Tennessee, LSU, and Auburn are all down from last year. The only bright spots this season are Vanderbilt, who got beat by Middle Tennesse St last week and Alabama who lost their best receiver in the Florida game.

The SEC East is Georgia's to lose now with Florida having to go to LSU next week. The SEC West is still wide open. If LSU loses to Alabama later in the season, they will more than likely be eliminated. The West may come down to Alabama at Auburn on November 19.

So far, it looks like a down year for the SEC

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