Wednesday, October 5, 2005


Tech's Daniels powers Jackets' top-25 surge
The North Carolina State Technician - Raleigh,NC,USA... But Georgia Tech's PJ Daniels would soon become pleased with what he saw, as third-string running back Rashaun Grant ran for 122 yards and led the Yellow ...

Getting the running game going in this game is key for both teams. Against Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech tried to open up the game with the pass and it was snuffed out. Once they got down, they had to abandon the run and pass the ball in order to come back. With a back like P.J. Daniels, you have to give him chances to control the game early and impose his will on the defense.

Likewise for NC State. Jay Davis is not a great passer, but the Pack have a bevy a running backs (like Tech) to throw at teams. Super Freshmen Toney Baker will lead the way, but expect to see Andre Brown and Bobby Washington well. State has given up some yards this year on the ground so far. The Wolfpack defense will have a harder time with Tech's running attack than vice versa.

If P.J. Daniels gets 100 yards, Tech wins.

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