Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Clean Old Fashioned Hate

Dogs hate Gators more
Bulldogs Kedric Golston, Ray Gant, and DJ Shockley chime in on what the Georgia Tech game means to them.

But Josh Kendall of Scout.com writes an article about what the Tech game means to Georgia. Here are some of the quotes from the article.

“Georgia Tech is our biggest rival, because a lot of people are going to get fired if you lose.” -Greg Blue

“Most people think of them as the academic school and us as the football side. I guess that’s why people think it’s so embarrassing” [to lose to Tech]. – Thomas Brown

“Tech week is so different from all the other weeks around here. Just having past players come in here and talk to us about what it means to them and say, ‘You just don’t lose to Tech.’” –Kelin Johnson

“With Tech, you got to the point where your senior class was expected to beat them four times, and that didn’t happen for us. We got beat my senior year. That’s what I told the guys, you don’t want to go out and have your last chance be the one that lost it.” –Running Backs Coach Kirby Smart

“If you lose to a team, that’s the big rival and it’s, ‘You can’t beat those guys,’ and if you win then, well… I think around here any one you lose is the most important of that time. That’s just the way people think, but we think this is one of our biggest games, and for me it’s the biggest.” –QB Coach Mike Bobo

Charles Odum of the AP captured these quotes from Georgia Tech Players regarding the game.

"It doesn't matter if you go 10-1 and lose to Georgia, nobody remembers that you went 10-1. They just remember that you lost to Georgia. ... So the Miami game, everything else, doesn't really matter if we don't beat Georgia. Nobody remembers it, they just remember if you beat Georgia." –Chris Reis

"The game against Miami was like the biggest win I've been a part of since I've been here. It's not going to mean that much if we don't come into this week and beat Georgia. It would just take away from it." –Gerris Wilikinson

"I don't say they always mention it, but it's your in-state rivalry. It's a big game. There's not a lot of other stuff that needs to be said. ... If you are around the state the rest of the year, it's talked about. So you live with it 365 days a year." –Head Coach Chan Gailey

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  1. Kedric Golston8:11 PM

    Tech must be a harder school. I hear they have to
    forfeit like the last three seasons because their guys are
    ineligible. I just think somebody should have figured that out a
    little bit earlier.


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