Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hurricane Downgrade, Turnstiles, Bowden Magic

Last Week: 1-4 YTD: 59-51 (54%)
14 10

Imperfect Analysis

  • Georgia Tech came out on fire. Reggie Ball completed his first 3 passes and Miami realized very quickly that Calvin Johnson was a Freshmen last year, but playing like a Senior this season.
  • Miami regained momentum in the second quarter by taking a 10-7 into halftime. Tech had played so well in the first half yet they found themselves down at halftime.
  • But in the second half, Georgia Tech's Defense stepped it up even more than the first half; Kyle Wright was harrassed all night being sacked 7 times and forced into many poor throws.
  • Once again Reggie Ball passes for under 50%, but no interceptions and only one sack taken- he made the throws when he had to
  • Reason to celebrate: You just beat maybe the hottest team in the country at their place.
  • Cause for concern: Punt Returns has to be improved next week
  • Where do you go from here: Miami still has an outside shot (albeit a long one) at a BCS Bowl; take care of business against Virginia and hopefully the cards will fall in place.

28 18

Imperfect Analysis

  • Auburn dominated the first quarter-every single play of it
  • The Tigers D-Line must have felt like they were at Disney Land-that is probably the last time they saw five turnstiles next to each other (Alabama O-Line). Auburn tallied 11 sacks in all.
  • Alabama Running Back Ken Darby is the only thing that kept Alabama from moving backwards.
  • The Alabama Defense got going too late and Alabama's offense is not built to come from 28 points behind. Part of this blame goes to the offense as they allowed Auburn to get great field position in the first half because they could not move the ball...at all.
  • Reason to Celebrate: Auburn is playing the best football in the SEC right now and still has a chance for the SEC Championship Game if LSU loses to Arkansas.
  • Cause for Concern: Keeping the momentum going over a possible 6 week layoff
  • Next Steps: Alabama has to take a hard look at their offense and fix some serious problems on the offensive line.

13 9

Imperfect Analysis
  • Clemson QB Charlie Whitehurst came through when he had to. The Senior QB managed the Tigers to the game winning TD on a drive with a 1st and 35 from inside their own 20. Then he scrambled for a game sealing first down late.
  • Bowden remains Spurrier's main nemesis-Tommy this time around.
  • Spurrier's first season has had a damper put on it slightly, but the Gamecocks still have a lot be proud of.
  • Clemson, a mid pack ACC team with a loss to Wake Forest, beat one of the hottest teams in the SEC.
  • Reason to Celebrate: Besides bragging rights for the fourth consecutive year, the Tigers likely earned a higher ranked bowl game
  • Cause for Conern: Clemson made mental mistakes, like a botched punt inside their own 20, that could have cost them the game.
  • Next steps: Both teams will await their bowl bid. South Carolina looks Peachy while Clemson may be traveling Charlotte.

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