Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Rivalry Week Part Deux

Two Pivotal ACC-SEC Battles with no love lost between the teams.

Battle of the Sunshine State
Florida leads 28-19-2

50 Things you Should Know About Florida-Florida St.

Clean Old Fashioned Hate
Georgia leads 56-38-5

Georgia has discounted the 1943 and 1944 Georgia Tech wins due to their claim that Georgia Tech used its naval school to supply ringers for the game. The record above is the Georgia Tech record of the series.

Egg Bowl
Ole Miss leads series 58-37-6.

The game is also known as the "Battle for the Golden Egg". The "Golden Egg" is a trophy in the shape of an old-time football on a pedestal. Because of its ovalesque shape, it resembles an egg; thus the name. Ole Miss leads the series 49-22-5 in games since the teams began playing for the "Golden Egg" trophy in 1927.

AJC's Tony Barnhart writes about the Top 20 Rivalries in College Football
Top 5 in my book:
1. Army-Navy
2. Auburn-Alabama
3. Michigan-Ohio State
4. Florida St-Miami
5. Texas-Oklahoma

Most Overrated Rivalries according to Collegefootballnews.com
My perspective....
Most Underated: Georgia-Georgia Tech
“If you think Tech’s not Georgia’s biggest rival, then just lose to them. You’ll find out,” said former Georgia quarterback and coach Ray Goff.
Fiercest (That you might not think of):Backyard Brawl: West Virginia-Pitt
Most Overrated:Cal-Stanford

Rivalries of Yesteryear:

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