Monday, November 14, 2005

Week 11 Recaps

Week 11 ATS: 1-3-1 YTD:58-47-3 (55%)

LSU 16 Alabama 13 OT
Keys to the Game:
1. Alabama 's "O" getting offensive
Alabama finally broke through in the second quarter with an offensive touchdown.  Still, they only managed one in the game only managed 287 yards of total offense in the game.   Brodie Croyle, usually a very accurate passer, was only 19-40 on passing

2. Flipping the field
 The Crimson Tide was unable to generate any turnovers from LSU and only pinned the Tigers inside the 20 only once.
3. Chip off the old block
Alabama came out and dominated the first half.   LSU made some great halftime adjustments and dominated the second half.  
4. JaMarcus Standing Tall
Besides delivering the winning touchdown pass, Russell passed for 230 yards and was only sacked twice.  


LSU 16 Alabama 13 OT

Post Game Quotes (Need Adobe Acrobat)

Auburn 31 Georgia 30
Keys to the Game
1. Shock Shockley
Shockley looked good in the pocket and on the run.  The senior managed 40 yards on the ground, including two big runs on a Georgia TD drive in the third quarter.  
Auburn was able to sack Shockley twice during the game. 
2. Run it down their throats

The Tigers did just that by rushing for 227 yards.  Kenny Irons racked up 179 yards on 37 carries.   Auburn did not do too bad in the air either with 279 yards passing.
3. The Pope

TE Leonard Pope finished the game as the Bullodgs top receiver with 8 catches for 102 yards.  
No. 15 Tigers Upset No. 9 Bulldogs, 31-30

Virginia 27 Georgia Tech 17
Keys to the Game
1. Reverse the Curse
 Wait till 2007 on this one. 
Virginia came out and moved the ball down the field on two consecutive drives against a supposed tough Yellow Jacket Defense.  

2. Reggie, Reggie, Reggie
 Reggie Ball played at Quarterback for most of the game.  He had one bad throw resulting in an interception, but also threw a touchdown.   Ball was 20-39 for 207 yards.   
3. Hold onto that ball
Each team turned the ball over once.  This game came down to the Cavaliers making a statement in the first quarter with their first two drives.

Virginia 27 Georgia Tech 17

Head Coach Quotes

South Carolina 30  Florida 22
Keys to the Game
1. Visor Envy
Florida fans may want to get rid of AD Jeremy Foley now that their savior, Urban Meyer, was beaten by their former ball coach.   It was rumored that Spurrier left because of Foley in the first place and Foley wanted Spurrier to interview for the job last season.

2. Chess Game
Spurrier's smaller, slower chess pieces played bigger and moved faster than Meyer's on Saturday at crucial times.  
Florida did hold the Gamecocks to 246 total yards.

3. Finding the Mismatch
Spurrier made a living off doing this at
Florida; finding that weakness and attacking it until 50 points were on the board. The Gator D does have some holes in it, especially in the secondary.

Spurrier's offense was kept under wraps most of the afternoon, but they came up big when they needed too. WR Sidney Rice was the star with 5 catches for 112 yards.
4. "Play to your talent level"
Once again,
Florida was beaten by a more determined, more inspired team.  See Ron Zook Era

South Carolina 30 Florida 22

Coach and Player Quotes


35 Florida St 14
Keys to the Game:
1. 1-2 Punch
Davis and Merriweather combined for 100 yards on the ground as the Tigers did their work primarily through the air.

2. Manage the Game
Weatherford threw two picks and never got in a rhythm.   FSU QB's were sacked six times on the day by a blitzing Tiger Defense.  The ground game netted just 102 yards for the Seminoles.
3. Off the Bench
Whitehurst played and showed no ill effects of a bum shoulder that has been bothering him for the second half of the season.   He was 21-32 for 269 yards and three touchdowns. 

Clemson 35 FSU 14



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