Saturday, December 10, 2005

ACC, SEC Season Awards

Coach of the Year:Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech

Player of the Year:Chris Barclay, RB, Wake Forest

Rookie of the Year:Greg Carr, WR, Florida St

Game of the Year:Miami 36 Clemson 30 3OT, September 10

Biggest Upset:Georgia Tech 14 Miami 10, November 19

Final ACC Stats

Coach of the Year:Les Miles, LSU

Player of the Year:Jay Cutler, Vanderbilt

Rookie of the Year:Sidney Rice, South Carolina

Game of the Year:Auburn 31 Georgia 30, November 12

Biggest Upset:Vanderbilt 28 Tennessee 24, November 19

Final SEC Stats


  1. How is Barclay the player of the year. He had a great career, but the team accomplished little and it would seem that in order to be player of the year you should win some games. Kind of like an MVP award. With or without Barclay I don't know if Wake would have been much different. They almost focus too much on him just because he had a great career. There really aren't that many stand out offensive players in the ACC and had Vick not laid eggs against Miami and FSU he would have won and he still should have won. And that is hard for me to say since I can't stand the overhyped Vick family.

  2. Barclay led the ACC in rushing three years straight. He deserved it in spite of his team. Marcus would have won if he had had decent games in the big two,but he didn't deserve it after the Miami game especially. This from a VT and Marcus Vick fan.

    I think he'll mature some as a QB and win in a landslide next season.

  3. If VT wins the championship I would have to give it to Marcus Vick. If you look at Vick's stats this year he doesn't stand out really in any one category. VT's Defense is what got them to the championship game this year. The QB with the best stats was Drew Weatherford, but come on, the guy was about to get benched. Nobody came within 30 yards of Barclay's rushing yards per game, led the ACC in all purpose yards, and in ppg for non-kickers. Your right, there were not any offensive standouts this year in the ACC.


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