Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Rankin' the South

My ACC and SEC combined rankings after Thanksgiving Weekend

1. Virginia Tech
2. LSU
3. War Eagle
4. Georgia
5. The U
6. Florida
7. Boston College
8. Georgia Tech
9. Roll Tide
10. Clemson
11. South Carolina
12. Virginny
13. NC State
14. Free Shoes University
15. Maryland
16. North Carolina
17. Vanderbilt
18. Rocky Top
19. Wake Forest
20. Pig Soooooeeeeey
21. Basketball School of the SEC
22. Miss St
23. Ole Siss
24. Puke

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Clean Old Fashioned Disappointment/Relief

Last Week: 0-2 ATS
YTD: 59-53

My take on the Georgia-Georgia Tech game Saturday night.

  • Defense dominated this game, neither offense could ever really get into rythm
  • Both QBs were off most of the night-defenses put on pressure, but not enough to warrant some of the throws seen; Shockley was 15-34, Ball was 18-35
  • However, Shockley made the big throw on third down late in the fourth quarter to put Georgia up for good; UGA 2-2 in the redzone with TDs
  • Penalties killed two Tech drives-you simply cannot make those mistakes when you are the underdog; although UGA had more yards in penalties, Tech had the ones that hurt the most
  • Tech should have run the ball more; UGA played nickel defense probably 80% of the downs on defense; Reggie Ball never really got into a rythm; Tech runs the ball 37 times (14 of those runs by Ball, PJ Daniels got 16 carries for 77 yards-almost 5 ypc)
  • 1st and 10 from the opponents 12 yard line and you call a 5 yard stop route to your seconardary receiver-Did Tech not think UGA would be in press coverage with the backs at the goaline?
  • Calvin Johnson catches 2 passes for 14 yards; he was probably double teamed 70% of the plays.
  • Georgia narrowly prevented losing to their three biggest rivals for the first time since 1999.
  • Georgia has won 5 straight in this season; Chan Gailey remains winless against UGA in his 4 seasons.
  • Tech outgained UGA 327 to 266; led time of possession 34:10 to 25:50
  • Reggie Ball is now 20-15 as Tech's starter. In 20 wins, Reggie has thrown 30 TD and 14 INT; in 15 losses he has thrown 6 TD and 25 INT.

If you look at the stats, Tech outplayed UGA, but the Yellow Jackets shot themselves in the foot at key times. UGA made two more plays than Tech-the TD to Bryan McClendon and the Tim Jennings interception at the end of the game.

Georgia gains some big momentum with their biggest win of the year heading into the SEC Championshp Game. Tech must regroup and hope they still have a shot at the Gator or Peach Bowls. However, the Music City Bowl seems the most likely option against a Big 10 opponent.

Some of the post game quotes...

On what he said to the guys after the game
I told them that you can't make the mistakes that we made and expect to beat a good football team in a big rival game. You can't do that. Things that we have not done all year happened in this ball game and it catches up to you when you do those things.
On what some of those things are
When you line up incorrectly, get
holding calls, multiple holding calls, which we hadn't had all year. Things like
that, it just costs you drives, costs you field position. That's what got us in
the end, the field position

[On which play was the most important, the TD or Jennings' interception]
"I think the touchdown was the most important because it gave us the seven-point lead. Even if they scored at the end, we still could have gone to overtime. They're both equally important to seal the victory, without any doubt. I'm just proud of our seniors, Shockley makes the throw, McClendon makes the catch, and you've got Jennings making the interception, and DeMario Minter playing Calvin Johnson all game long.
"It was just a great field position game, a great defensive battle. We had to stay patient, as much as we hated it, and let our special teams do their job, and then knock it in when we needed to. It was a great team effort, and I'm just thankful for the victory."
[Did it surprise you to not allow another point after Tech's first drive?]
"I think so. After that first drive, you'd have thought they might have scored again somewhere along the way. But our defense played beautifully the rest of the way. We started slow in a couple of games. In the Florida game they got two drives on us, but nothing the rest of the way. I'm just proud of Coach Martinez and the job he did, along with Coach Fabris, Coach Jancek and, of course, Coach Garner, and the guys that just got after it. It was a great team victory."

More Quotes

Here is best recap I could find on Florida State's performance against Florida.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Predicting the Predictions

Here is the way I see the lines for this weekend's championship games setting up.

SEC Championship Game Atlanta, GA
LSU vs Georgia
I see LSU as a 2.5 point favorite in this game. They have won nine straight, including wins over Auburn, Florida, and Alabama. They are currently fourth in the BCS Stadings and would be undefeated were it not for a 21 point second half comeback by Tennessee. Georgia is a dangerous underdog in this game because tbey too are very close to being undefeated. No Shockley in the Florida game and a breadown on fourth down against Auburn are the difference. Also, Georgia should have the home advantage being only an hour away from the site of the game.

ACC Championship Game Jacksonville, FL
Virginia Tech vs FSU
Beep, Beep, Beep.... that is the sound of FSU coming into this game. The Noles have lost their last three contests and have looked worse in each of them as the season winds down. The defense has been decimated from injuries and the offense...well you can't run the ball, you can't pass the ball. I see the Hokies as -15 point favorites in this game. They have recovered from their lone loss of the season to Miami and have a dominating defense. About the only advantage FSU has in this game is that it is played in the state of Florida.

Big 12 Championship Game Houston, TX
Texas vs Colorado
Texas rolls big time. The Longhorns got their wake up against Texas A&M and will not the opportunity of a national championship appearance pass them by. Texas beat Colorado 42-17 the first time around in Austin. Houston is alot closer to Austin than Boulder so expect a big Longhorn contingent in Reliant Stadium. Colorado was trying to let Iowa St play Texas by losing to Nebraska 30-3 at home! Texas will be around a -27 point favorite.

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Would Mark Richt Get Fired If He Lost?


According to Georgia hard-hitting Safety Greg Blue he would.

Clean Old Fashioned Hate Meets for 100th Time

Georgia Tech Offense vs Georgia Defense
Tech will use a ball control offense and take shots downfield to Calvin Johnson to move the ball. Georgia's defense has shown some soft spots late in the season, especially against the run. Georgia will probably double team Calvin Johnson most of the game. It will be important for Tech to take advantage of the run on the opposite side of Calvin Johnson double teams where they should have a numbers advantage. Georgia will need to force Reggie Ball to beat them with his arm by stuffing the run.

Georgia Offense vs Georgia Tech Defense
Georgia Tech will blitz Georgia QB DJ Shockley on probably 75% of the plays from scrimmage. Jon Tenuta has had great success against pocket passers, but not so much success against mobile QBs like Shockley. Georgia should gameplan to have Shockley scramble when the pocket breaks down as opposed to throwing quickly. Tech has always been very stout against the run, but will be facing a big, experience offensive line. With Tech bringing the blitz mostly from the outside, it will be important for MLB Gerris Wilkinson to contain the draw play up the middle. The X-factor is TE Leonard Pope. At 6-7, 260 lbs he is a mismatch against most anyone he steps on the field against. Last week, Tech limited Miami TE Greg Olsen to zero catches. It will important for Tech Safeties Chris Reis and Dawan Landry to let Pope know early and often there will be no easy catches for him.

Both of these coaches call their own plays and both have come under criticism for doing so. These staffs and players know each other well. Both teams are well coached and I would not expect any major coaching breakdowns in this game.

Odds and Ends
- Both teams will be going bowling for the ninth straight year after this game.
- Georgia will be playing LSU in its third SEC Championship Game in four years.
- All 3 of Georgia Tech's losses have come when the opposing team scores the first TD
- Georgia has given up the fewest sacks in the SEC, 16
- With a victory, Georgia Senoir Class tie the record for most wins by a class, 43
- Georgia Tech is fifth in the nation in interceptions and tenth in turnover margin

Prediction Time
This game will come down to whether or not the Georgia Tech blitz can get to Shockley and how well Georgia defends the run. If Shockley is able to escape the pocket, he will likely be spied by only one defender. By keeping Shockley in the pocket, Tech will be able to sack Shockley and force him to beat Tech with his arm, not his feet. Georgia showed a porous run defense against Auburn, but then again Kenny Irons has made alot of defenses look bad in the second half of the season. Tech relies on the running game first to open up the downfield throws and to take pressure of Reggie Ball. This game will come down to the wire. Look for a late turnover or big play to be the difference.
Prediction: Georgia Tech 21 Georgia 20

Florida State Lose Three in a Row?

Battle of the Sunshine State 3:30 CBS


Florida Offense vs Florida St Defense
The Gators have experienced a significant learning curve trying to implement Urban Meyer's spread option offense this season; significant enough to not be in the SEC Championship Game despite beating Tennessee and Georgia. FSU's Defense is down several key players due to injury and has struggled in its last two game against the run (NC State) and the pass (Clemson). FSU does have the speed to match up with the spread option. This match up will more about who does not make mistakes than who makes plays.

Florida St Offense vs Florida Defense
Based on the last two performances of the FSU Offense, Florida looks to have the advantage here. The Gator defense has had its own troubles, especially when it comes to tackling. It will be important for FSU QB Drew Weatherford to get into a rythm early; FSU will need to try and get the running game going as well. Florida will need to get pressure on Weatherford and let the rush and the crowd get to him in his first start in this rivalry.

FSU has not lost back to back regular season games to Florida in 20 years. But this season, they lost their first back to back ACC Games. Meyer can go a long way towards salvaging this season if he beats FSU. A win will put him 3-0 against their three big rivals in year 1. Bowden is a veteran of this game and has tormented Gator Fans for over a quarter century. Advantage should go to FSU with the experience of Bowden and Defensive Coordinator Mickey Andrews.

Odds and Ends
- Florida and Florida St are meeting for the 50th time.
- With a win, Urban Meyer would become the first Florida coach to beat Tennessee, Georgia, and FSU in their first season as coach.
- Since 1990, the team which has rushed for more yardage has posted a 14-2-1 record. The team with fewer or even turnovers in a game has posted a 11-5-1 record. The team that has led at the half has won nine of the last 10 games in the series (all but 1998) and the team that scores first has won seven of the last 10.

Prediction Time.....
Florida's offense has struggled this season while trying to run Urban's Meyer's new spread option offense. FSU has the better running attack with Lorenzo Booker and Freshmen Antone Smith leading the way. Drew Weatherford will rebound from two dismal performances with a sold outing. FSU wins a close one in the Swamp on the legs of their running backs.
Prediction: FSU 24 Florida 23

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Rivalry Week Part Deux

Two Pivotal ACC-SEC Battles with no love lost between the teams.

Battle of the Sunshine State
Florida leads 28-19-2

50 Things you Should Know About Florida-Florida St.

Clean Old Fashioned Hate
Georgia leads 56-38-5

Georgia has discounted the 1943 and 1944 Georgia Tech wins due to their claim that Georgia Tech used its naval school to supply ringers for the game. The record above is the Georgia Tech record of the series.

Egg Bowl
Ole Miss leads series 58-37-6.

The game is also known as the "Battle for the Golden Egg". The "Golden Egg" is a trophy in the shape of an old-time football on a pedestal. Because of its ovalesque shape, it resembles an egg; thus the name. Ole Miss leads the series 49-22-5 in games since the teams began playing for the "Golden Egg" trophy in 1927.

AJC's Tony Barnhart writes about the Top 20 Rivalries in College Football
Top 5 in my book:
1. Army-Navy
2. Auburn-Alabama
3. Michigan-Ohio State
4. Florida St-Miami
5. Texas-Oklahoma

Most Overrated Rivalries according to
My perspective....
Most Underated: Georgia-Georgia Tech
“If you think Tech’s not Georgia’s biggest rival, then just lose to them. You’ll find out,” said former Georgia quarterback and coach Ray Goff.
Fiercest (That you might not think of):Backyard Brawl: West Virginia-Pitt
Most Overrated:Cal-Stanford

Rivalries of Yesteryear:

Clean Old Fashioned Hate

Dogs hate Gators more
Bulldogs Kedric Golston, Ray Gant, and DJ Shockley chime in on what the Georgia Tech game means to them.

But Josh Kendall of writes an article about what the Tech game means to Georgia. Here are some of the quotes from the article.

“Georgia Tech is our biggest rival, because a lot of people are going to get fired if you lose.” -Greg Blue

“Most people think of them as the academic school and us as the football side. I guess that’s why people think it’s so embarrassing” [to lose to Tech]. – Thomas Brown

“Tech week is so different from all the other weeks around here. Just having past players come in here and talk to us about what it means to them and say, ‘You just don’t lose to Tech.’” –Kelin Johnson

“With Tech, you got to the point where your senior class was expected to beat them four times, and that didn’t happen for us. We got beat my senior year. That’s what I told the guys, you don’t want to go out and have your last chance be the one that lost it.” –Running Backs Coach Kirby Smart

“If you lose to a team, that’s the big rival and it’s, ‘You can’t beat those guys,’ and if you win then, well… I think around here any one you lose is the most important of that time. That’s just the way people think, but we think this is one of our biggest games, and for me it’s the biggest.” –QB Coach Mike Bobo

Charles Odum of the AP captured these quotes from Georgia Tech Players regarding the game.

"It doesn't matter if you go 10-1 and lose to Georgia, nobody remembers that you went 10-1. They just remember that you lost to Georgia. ... So the Miami game, everything else, doesn't really matter if we don't beat Georgia. Nobody remembers it, they just remember if you beat Georgia." –Chris Reis

"The game against Miami was like the biggest win I've been a part of since I've been here. It's not going to mean that much if we don't come into this week and beat Georgia. It would just take away from it." –Gerris Wilikinson

"I don't say they always mention it, but it's your in-state rivalry. It's a big game. There's not a lot of other stuff that needs to be said. ... If you are around the state the rest of the year, it's talked about. So you live with it 365 days a year." –Head Coach Chan Gailey

Georgia and Georgia Tech Fans! Leave your smack talk in the comments

Hurricane Downgrade, Turnstiles, Bowden Magic

Last Week: 1-4 YTD: 59-51 (54%)
14 10

Imperfect Analysis

  • Georgia Tech came out on fire. Reggie Ball completed his first 3 passes and Miami realized very quickly that Calvin Johnson was a Freshmen last year, but playing like a Senior this season.
  • Miami regained momentum in the second quarter by taking a 10-7 into halftime. Tech had played so well in the first half yet they found themselves down at halftime.
  • But in the second half, Georgia Tech's Defense stepped it up even more than the first half; Kyle Wright was harrassed all night being sacked 7 times and forced into many poor throws.
  • Once again Reggie Ball passes for under 50%, but no interceptions and only one sack taken- he made the throws when he had to
  • Reason to celebrate: You just beat maybe the hottest team in the country at their place.
  • Cause for concern: Punt Returns has to be improved next week
  • Where do you go from here: Miami still has an outside shot (albeit a long one) at a BCS Bowl; take care of business against Virginia and hopefully the cards will fall in place.

28 18

Imperfect Analysis

  • Auburn dominated the first quarter-every single play of it
  • The Tigers D-Line must have felt like they were at Disney Land-that is probably the last time they saw five turnstiles next to each other (Alabama O-Line). Auburn tallied 11 sacks in all.
  • Alabama Running Back Ken Darby is the only thing that kept Alabama from moving backwards.
  • The Alabama Defense got going too late and Alabama's offense is not built to come from 28 points behind. Part of this blame goes to the offense as they allowed Auburn to get great field position in the first half because they could not move the all.
  • Reason to Celebrate: Auburn is playing the best football in the SEC right now and still has a chance for the SEC Championship Game if LSU loses to Arkansas.
  • Cause for Concern: Keeping the momentum going over a possible 6 week layoff
  • Next Steps: Alabama has to take a hard look at their offense and fix some serious problems on the offensive line.

13 9

Imperfect Analysis
  • Clemson QB Charlie Whitehurst came through when he had to. The Senior QB managed the Tigers to the game winning TD on a drive with a 1st and 35 from inside their own 20. Then he scrambled for a game sealing first down late.
  • Bowden remains Spurrier's main nemesis-Tommy this time around.
  • Spurrier's first season has had a damper put on it slightly, but the Gamecocks still have a lot be proud of.
  • Clemson, a mid pack ACC team with a loss to Wake Forest, beat one of the hottest teams in the SEC.
  • Reason to Celebrate: Besides bragging rights for the fourth consecutive year, the Tigers likely earned a higher ranked bowl game
  • Cause for Conern: Clemson made mental mistakes, like a botched punt inside their own 20, that could have cost them the game.
  • Next steps: Both teams will await their bowl bid. South Carolina looks Peachy while Clemson may be traveling Charlotte.

Monday, November 21, 2005

GT Up, Alabama Down, Tennessee Way Down

Atlantic Southeastern Conference Rankings


  1. Virginia Tech
  2. LSU
  3. Auburn
  4. Georgia
  5. Miami
  6. Georgia Tech
  7. Alabama
  8. Clemson
  9. Florida
  10. Florida State
  11. Boston College
  12. South Carolina
  13. Virginia
  14. Vanderbilt
  15. Maryland
  16. North Carolina
  17. NC State
  18. Tennessee
  19. Arkansas
  20. Wake Forest
  21. Ole Miss
  22. Kentucky
  23. Mississippi St
  24. Duke


ACC Average Rank: 12.17

SEC Average Rank:  12.83


Who's better VT or LSU?  Is Georgia Tech really the sixth best team?  Can you believe how far the Vols have fallen?


Leave your rankings and comments!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Week 12 Previews and Predictions

Keys to the GameKeys to the Game

High Tide

Iron Defense
Last week, LSU got pressure on Brodie Croyle almost every passing down and it really messed up any timing he had with his receivers. Auburn’s front four is good enough to get pressure by themselves against Alabama. If Croyle is given time, he has the ability to pick you apart.Alabama made a living off its defense in their first nine wins with turnovers and good field position creating points of offense. With the offense struggling mightily, the Tide will need their defense to step up and make some big plays.
Two Square MealsHold that Tiger
Auburn has found their running game in Kenny Irons. Irons has carried the ball 152 times in the last 5 games. Brandon Cox has come on strong too at QB. Auburn must be careful not to forget about the passing game against Alabama. The Tide is very good against the run, so don’t expect Irons to go for 150+ this weekend.Alabama has a solid running game, but opponents have been putting 8 guys in the box and blitzing to force Croyle into throws before he wants. The Tide O-Line needs to hold the fort against Auburn and give Croyle some time to throw the ball deep to WR DJ Hall. If Alabama can complete some deep passes their defense should be good enough to win this game.

Prediction: Auburn 20 Alabama 14 (Alabama covers)

Keys to the GameKeys to the Game
Tiger JamGreen Space
Clemson utilizes short routes with the receivers to get the ball into their hands quickly and allow them to make a play. South Carolina needs to jump these routes to prevent 5-yard pass plays turning 7 points. Also, Charlie Whitehurst has been battling a shoulder problem the second half of the season and his limited in his throws downfield. Watch for the yards after catch for ClemsonThe Tigers have the advantage in speed, especially at the skill positions on offense. Clemson needs to make South Carolina cover the entire field. Watch how well South Carolina is able to stop the run.
This South Carolina Senior Class had a lot of firsts this season. First win over Tennessee, first win over Florida, and possible a first win over Clemson. These Gamecocks are a different breed than those of past teams. Spurrier should have no trouble motivating his team for this game after being dominated the last 2 years. Watch for the attitude of the Gamecocks if they fall behind in this game.The Clemson secondary will have its hands full with Freshmen WR Sidney Rice. Rice is already QB Blake Mitchell’s favorite target. The Tigers were successful this season against a more talented receiver in Georgia Tech’s Calvin Johnson, mostly by double-teaming Johnson. Forcing South Carolina to move the ball on the ground would be ideal for Bowden & Co. Watch for Spurrier to find ways to get the ball in his best playmaker’s hands.

Prediction South Carolina 24 Clemson 23 (South Carolina covers)

Keys to the GameKeys to the Game
Pressure on the BallUp and Running
Basketball coaches talk about this, but it applies in this game as well. Georgia Tech likes to throw the ball downfield to Calvin Johnson. Ball has shown in the past to make bad decisions when under pressure. However, this season he has matured and made better decisions. Still, constant pressure will make him think about getting rid of the ball faster than he would like. Watch for the number of times Ball is chased out of the pocket.Georgia Tech is at its best on offense when the are gaining 5+ yards on first down. Most of the time this is accomplished by the running of P.J. Daniels. Daniels is questionable for this game, but there is not a big drop off between him and his backup, Tashard Choice. Watch for the number of 2nd and 7+ yard situations Tech is in.
Loosen the DefenseMiami Heat
Last week, Virginia began the game by getting the short passing game going. This kept the blitzing GT linebackers off of the QB and made them drop back into coverage. This is how you beat GT. The Yellow Jackets bully opponent by trying to get to the QB every play and closing up the running lanes in the process. However, the linebackers are much better at blitzing than in coverage. Watch for where Tech’s linebackers are as the play develops.Miami QB Kyle Wright is in the mold of his predecessors at The “U”; tall, strong arm, pocket passer. It will interesting to see if the Tech blitz can get to him and take him out of his game. FSU was able to do this very effectively in the first game of the season, but Miami has gelled more since September. If Wright is given time to stand in the pocket, it will be a long night for the Yellow Jackets. Watch for the number of hurries on Kyle Wright and his completion percentage.

Prediction: Miami 35 Georgia Tech 14 (Miami Covers)

Keys to the Game
Wali World”Deopportunistic”
Running back Wali Lundy returned two weeks ago from injury and has racked up 6 TD’s in the last two games. Against Miami two weeks ago, Virginia Tech struggled against the run versus a second string running back. The Cavaliers need to be successful on the ground with Lundy carrying the load. Watch for the amount of yards Lundy is able to get on first down.The Hokies have been great all year at capitalizing on their opponents errors. Since Frank Beamer arrived, Virginia Tech has scored 100 non-offensive TD’s. Va Tech needs to get back in this habit after a lackluster performance against Miami. Watch what the field positions is if Virginia turns the ball over.
Margin of ErrorEarly Success
Virginia comes into this game as the underdog with less talent and ability. The margin for error is very small when you play a defense like Virginia Tech. Any opportunities the Cavaliers get from the Hokies must be taken advantage. Watch the points off turnovers number for both teams.Marcus Vick had an awful outing against Miami; worst of the season by far. It will be important to get him in a rhythm early and forget about the last game. Watch for his completion rate in the first quarter.
Prediction: Virginia Tech 28 Virginia 20 (Va Tech covers)

Keys to the Game
Every goal the Georgia Bulldogs had at the beginning of the season except one is still obtainable. Mark Richt and Co. better get over the Auburn loss last week real quick if they want to start making plans for Atlanta. It should not be a problem with Saturday being Senior Day. Watch for amount of enthusiasm Georgia displays early on.Kentucky must get on top early and make Georgia play from behind to have a shot in this game.
Contain LittleCapitalize
Georgia showed a “soft belly” against the run last week versus Auburn. Kentucky’s Rafael Little leads the SEC in all-purpose yards. The Bulldogs need to focus on Little as he is the Cats main option on offense.The Wildcats come into this game as big underdogs and must be able to capitalize on Georgia mistakes in order to have a chance in this game.

Prediction: Georgia 42 Kentucky 17 (UK covers)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Recruiting Report

AJC writes...

Georgia Tech

"Stephenson running back Andre Anderson has set up an official visit to Tech for the weekend of Dec. 16. The 5-foot-10, 175-pounder also will visit Stanford the weekend of Jan. 13. He has scholarship offers from both the Jackets and the Cardinal. Boston College also has been in contact and he is hoping to set up a visit....Key West (Fla.) defensive back Laurence Marius (5-10, 162) says Tech is his leader. He'll visit Atlanta next weekend. Ole Miss, Duke and West Virginia also are still in the picture for the nation's No. 41 cornerback."

ACC Early Commitments


SEC Recruiting Report - AJC - 11/14


"A trip to Athens for the Bulldogs' loss to Auburn impressed Tampa Hillsborough star Jared Fayson. The speedy Fayson, who has been timed as fast as 4.4 seconds in the 40-yard dash, gave his UGA visit good marks, citing the intense atmosphere. The 6-foot, 184-pounder already has visited Alabama and plans to see Florida, West Virginia and Miami in the coming weeks. Fayson is the nation's No. 48 overall prospect. He plays quarterback in high school, but projects as a receiver or cornerback in college."

SEC Early Commitments

Monday, November 14, 2005

Week 12 Rankings

2.Virginia TechAlabama
4.Boston CollegeGeorgia
5.Georgia TechSouth Carolina
10.NC StateVanderbilt
11.Wake ForestOle Miss
12.DukeMiss St

Week 11 Recaps

Week 11 ATS: 1-3-1 YTD:58-47-3 (55%)

LSU 16 Alabama 13 OT
Keys to the Game:
1. Alabama 's "O" getting offensive
Alabama finally broke through in the second quarter with an offensive touchdown.  Still, they only managed one in the game only managed 287 yards of total offense in the game.   Brodie Croyle, usually a very accurate passer, was only 19-40 on passing

2. Flipping the field
 The Crimson Tide was unable to generate any turnovers from LSU and only pinned the Tigers inside the 20 only once.
3. Chip off the old block
Alabama came out and dominated the first half.   LSU made some great halftime adjustments and dominated the second half.  
4. JaMarcus Standing Tall
Besides delivering the winning touchdown pass, Russell passed for 230 yards and was only sacked twice.  


LSU 16 Alabama 13 OT

Post Game Quotes (Need Adobe Acrobat)

Auburn 31 Georgia 30
Keys to the Game
1. Shock Shockley
Shockley looked good in the pocket and on the run.  The senior managed 40 yards on the ground, including two big runs on a Georgia TD drive in the third quarter.  
Auburn was able to sack Shockley twice during the game. 
2. Run it down their throats

The Tigers did just that by rushing for 227 yards.  Kenny Irons racked up 179 yards on 37 carries.   Auburn did not do too bad in the air either with 279 yards passing.
3. The Pope

TE Leonard Pope finished the game as the Bullodgs top receiver with 8 catches for 102 yards.  
No. 15 Tigers Upset No. 9 Bulldogs, 31-30

Virginia 27 Georgia Tech 17
Keys to the Game
1. Reverse the Curse
 Wait till 2007 on this one. 
Virginia came out and moved the ball down the field on two consecutive drives against a supposed tough Yellow Jacket Defense.  

2. Reggie, Reggie, Reggie
 Reggie Ball played at Quarterback for most of the game.  He had one bad throw resulting in an interception, but also threw a touchdown.   Ball was 20-39 for 207 yards.   
3. Hold onto that ball
Each team turned the ball over once.  This game came down to the Cavaliers making a statement in the first quarter with their first two drives.

Virginia 27 Georgia Tech 17

Head Coach Quotes

South Carolina 30  Florida 22
Keys to the Game
1. Visor Envy
Florida fans may want to get rid of AD Jeremy Foley now that their savior, Urban Meyer, was beaten by their former ball coach.   It was rumored that Spurrier left because of Foley in the first place and Foley wanted Spurrier to interview for the job last season.

2. Chess Game
Spurrier's smaller, slower chess pieces played bigger and moved faster than Meyer's on Saturday at crucial times.  
Florida did hold the Gamecocks to 246 total yards.

3. Finding the Mismatch
Spurrier made a living off doing this at
Florida; finding that weakness and attacking it until 50 points were on the board. The Gator D does have some holes in it, especially in the secondary.

Spurrier's offense was kept under wraps most of the afternoon, but they came up big when they needed too. WR Sidney Rice was the star with 5 catches for 112 yards.
4. "Play to your talent level"
Once again,
Florida was beaten by a more determined, more inspired team.  See Ron Zook Era

South Carolina 30 Florida 22

Coach and Player Quotes


35 Florida St 14
Keys to the Game:
1. 1-2 Punch
Davis and Merriweather combined for 100 yards on the ground as the Tigers did their work primarily through the air.

2. Manage the Game
Weatherford threw two picks and never got in a rhythm.   FSU QB's were sacked six times on the day by a blitzing Tiger Defense.  The ground game netted just 102 yards for the Seminoles.
3. Off the Bench
Whitehurst played and showed no ill effects of a bum shoulder that has been bothering him for the second half of the season.   He was 21-32 for 269 yards and three touchdowns. 

Clemson 35 FSU 14



Saturday, November 12, 2005

Week 11 Predictions

#3 Alabama vs #7 LSU
Keys to the Game:
1. Alabama's "O" getting offensive
Since the loss of WR Tyrone Prothro, the Tide has struggled mightly on offense. RB Ken Darby still provides a powerful punch in the backfield, but the Alabama vertical passing game (the one so successful against Florida) is virtually nonexistent. Alabama faces a tough, but not a dominant defense in LSU. The Tigers have given up some yards this season on the ground (see Auburn game) and through the air (see Tennessee game).
2. Flipping the field
The last couple of weeks, the Tide has used their defense to score points and provide easy scoring opportunities with great field position. Can the Tide do this against one of the better offenses in the SEC?
3. Chip off the old block
Alabama comes into this game as a undefeated, home underdog. The last time they were an underdog they beat the tar out of Florida, 31-3. LSU is expecting to win, but they must match Alabama's intensity.
4. JaMarcus Standing Tall
At 6'5", LSU QB JaMarcus Russell stands tall in the pocket. For the Tigers to win, he must be able to keep the Alabama defense off balance. Russell has good scrambling ability, which will come in handy against a speedy Tide D. As goes Russell, so goes LSU in this game.
Prediction: LSU 14 Alabama 10 (LSU covers)

#9 Georgia vs #20 Auburn
Keys to the Game

1. Shock Shockley
DJ Shockley will be playing his first game since spraining his left knee three weeks ago. He will be wearing a protective brace and all indications are that he is very close to 100%. Still, Auburn must be able to get pressure on Shockley and knockdown him as it is likely he will be a half step slow.
2. Run it down their throats
Last year, Auburn stuck to their bread and butter in a 23-3 demolishing of Georgia, but in previous year they have tried to spread it out against the Bulldogs. Again this year, Auburn has one of the better running games in the nation. Kenny Irons must be given a shot to lead the Tigers down the field. QB Brandon Cox is simply not good enough to win this game by throwing the ball 40 times.
3. The Pope
Whenever Georgia TE Leonard Pope steps on the field, he is a mismatch. The Bulldogs best receiver must be used to stretch the Tigers vertically. When that happens, watch out for Thomas Brown running the ball behind a massive offensive line.
Prediction: Georgia 24 Auburn 20 (Georgia covers)

Virginia vs #23 Georgia Tech
Keys to the Game
1. Reverse the Curse
Georgia Tech has not won in Charlottesville since their National Championship season in 1990. The home team has historically dominated this closely matched series. This Georgia Tech team is out to prove they are different from their predecessors. They had won curse reversed against them this year (NC State), not it is time for them to reverse one of their own.
2. Reggie, Reggie, Reggie
Reggie Ball's play at quarterback goes a long way in determing how Georgia Tech does. In 19 wins, Ball has thrown 30 TD to 14 INT; but in 13 losses, Ball has tossed just 4 TD and 22 INT. Watch this stat.
3. Hold onto that ball
Georgia Tech is one of the best teams in the nation in takeaways. They rank fifth in the nation with a +1.4 margin. The Cavaliers aren't too bad themselves, ranking 30th in the nation.
Prediction: Georgia Tech 20 Virginia 18 (GT covers)

South Carolina vs #13 Florida
Keys to the Game

1. Visor Envy
Florida players may have mixed emotions on their sideline when they look across the way and see a Florida legend. Urban Meyer will have a tough time keeping the Gators locked in their mission: beat South Carolina, not Steve Spurrier.
2. Chess Game
Spurrier revolutionized SEC offenses when he brought in his Fun n Gun offense in 1990. Now, Urban Meyer is trying to do the same with his spread option attack. Two very different offenses that have struggled this season, but are proven winners withe the right personnel. The defenses are relatively evenly matched, so offense may determine the winner of this game.
3. Finding the Mismatch
Spurrier made a living off doing this at Florida; finding that weakness and attacking it until 50 points were on the board. The Gator D does have some holes in it, especially in the secondary.
4. "Play to your talent level"
Meyer is hoping the Gators will do this as they outmatch the Gamecocks in almost every area. Minimize your mistakes and take advantage of theirs is all Meyer needs from his club.
Prediction: Florida 28 South Carolina 27 (South Carolina covers)

Clemson vs vs #19 Florida St
Keys to the Game:
1. 1-2 Punch
Clemson has one of the best combinations at the tailback spot in the ACC with James Davis and Reggie Merriweather. FSU has been soft against the run this season and with Whitehurst out, Clemson must find a way to run the ball with a high sucess rate.
2. Manage the Game
At times this season, FSU QB Drew Weatherford has struggled this season mightly. But the freshmen still ranks first in total offense in the ACC. The Seminoles need to get the ground game going and let Weatherford pick and choose his spots to make plays.
3. Off the Bench
Clemson backup QB Will Proctor did come off the bench in the Texas A&M game and lead the Tigers to a winning field goal, but this is FSU. With all the emotion of Bowden Bowl and the win two years ago, Proctor needs to settle in early and find some confidence.
Prediction: FSU 23 Clemson 17 (FSU covers)