Tuesday, January 3, 2006

AARP Will Have To Wait

#3 Penn St (10-1, 7-1) vs #22 Florida St (8-4, 6-3) Miami, FL 8:30 ET ABC

Line: PSU -9; Total: 47
ATS: PSU 8-3; FSU 5-6
O/U: PSU 5-6; FSU 7-4
PSU Favorite: ATS 5-3 W/L 8-0
FSU Dog: ATS 2-1 W/L 2-1
Games over 47: PSU - 8
Games over 47: FSU - 7
Common Opponents: None

PSU Offense:
35.2 Points Per Game
204.7 Passing YPG
219.5 Rushing YPG

FSU Defense:
21.7 Points Per Game
196.5 Passing YPG
105.9 Rushing YPG

PSU Defense:
16.5 Points Per Game
207.5 Passing YPG
99.1 Rushing YPG

FSU Offense:
29.4 Points Per Game
285.7 Passing YPG
99.7 Rushing YPG

PSU: +0.36 per game
FSU: -0.42 per game

Record vs Bowl Teams:
PSU: 5-1; PF: 29.7 PA: 17.8
FSU: 3-4 ; PF: 17.4 PA: 23

PSU Best Win: vs Ohio St (9-2) 17-10
PSU Worst Loss: @ Michigan (7-4) 25-27

FSU Best Win: vs Virginia Tech (9-2) 27-22
FSU Worst Loss: vs NC State (6-5) 15-20


Penn St 28 Florida St 20


  1. Wednesday Afternoon QB...
    FSU got enough big plays on offense and special teams to stay in this game. Their defense played very well, but wore down at the end. Neither kicking game was good, but Penn St had tries from shorter distances and that was the difference. Both kicks missed by FSU were outside of 40 yards; of course, the missed xp played big. FSU has a young QB who will learn from this year. He has shown some talent, so the offense is looking up. Defense will lose some talent, but FSU always recruits well and DC Mickey Andrews is one of the best.

  2. That was a much better game than I thought FSU would play... which makes two in a row for them. I think the AC race will be really interesting to watch next season.


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