Thursday, January 26, 2006

Finishing Touches on Recruiting

National Signing Day is February 1st and while many of top prospects have already made a verbal committment there is always the chance we will have a big switch when the intent letters are faxed in.

The rankings below are based on average number of stars-a better indicator of the talent in the class. The usual suspects are there USC, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Notre Dame, Ohio St, Michigan. No real shockers this year though schools like Ole Miss, Pittsburgh, and Arizona are recruiting much better than years past.

For the remaining top prospects all the big dogs are in the hunt, so these rankings could change any day. Also, it will be interesting to see what the rankings would be after all of the test scores are in...

As of January 26, 2006
SchoolCommitsTop 1005 Stars4 Stars3 StarsOff.Def.Sp.T.H.S.J.C.Avg. Stars
1USC 16117908801514.44
2Florida 2786137131402703.89
3Texas 2564127131112503.72
4Notre Dame 2863121218912803.61
5Michigan 1744477911703.59
6Georgia 2664911141202603.58
7Penn State 236211891402303.57
8Ohio State 207210581202003.55
9LSU 2142710111002013.43
10Auburn 1911969911813.42
11Florida State 16234651001333.38
12Miami (Fl) 19101069911903.37
13Pittsburgh 21427881302013.33
14Texas A&M 191161011801633.32
15Arizona 2402613121202043.29
16Oklahoma 2521910141102143.24
17Mississippi 2922813171202183.21
18Alabama 2000612101001913.2
19Oklahoma State 2610815131302333.19
20UCLA 221061491212113.18
21Tennessee 1810779721623.17
21Nebraska 230171014901583.17
23California 191061010811543.16
24Clemson 191141081011813.11
25Texas Tech 3101512121903012.81
25Maryland 210121112902102.81
27Virginia Tech 19005510901902.79
28Arizona State 240041291411682.75
29Oregon State 2600313101511972.73
30Washington 1820479901172.72
31South Carolina 2300212131001942.7
32Illinois 2510213121212322.68
33Arkansas 18110910801622.67
34Wisconsin 17002710701702.65
35North Carolina 2810312151302802.64
36Louisville 190011012701722.63
37Mississippi State 2200111121001932.59
37Washington State 220021116601572.59
39Kentucky 281129141402532.57
40Stanford 1600179701602.56
41Georgia Tech 1500168701502.53
42Michigan State 230101281411942.52
43Purdue 230011081321492.48
44Boston College 17000851201702.47
45Missouri 2400011101401862.46
46Iowa 1800338911712.44
47North Carolina State 1500077621502.4
48Kansas 230009131001942.39
48Virginia 23000914902302.39
50BYU 240024111212132.29

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