Monday, January 2, 2006

Hokies as Gator Bait?

#15 Louisville (9-2, 6-2) vs #12 Virginia Tech (10-2, 7-2) Jacksonville, FL 12:30 NBC

Line: VT -8; Total: 55.5
ATS: VT 9-3; Lville 6-5
O/U: VT 6-6; Lville 5-6
Games over 54: VT - 2
Games over 54: Lville - 9
Common Opponents: North Carolina (VT30 UNC3)(Lville 69 UNC 14), West Virginia (VT34 WV17)(WV 46 Lville 44)

A matchup of one of the best offenses in the nation versus one of the best defenses in the nation will be featured in this year’s Gator Bowl. Louisville QB Brian Brohm is out for this game, so the Cardinals will rely on RB Michael Bush, who leads the NCAA in TD this season. Virginia Tech will have to return to the site of their ACC Championship Game loss, but this did not faze LSU in the Peach Bowl.

VT Offense:
18th in Scoring Offense (33.7)
28th in Rushing Offense (191.0)
91st in Passing Offense (189.2)

Lville Defense:
36th in Scoring Defense (22.7)
20th in Rushing Defense (107.4)
51st in Passing Defense (210.6)

VT Defense:
3rd in Scoring Defense (12.0)
4th in Rushing Defense (90.6)
2nd in Passing Defense (149.1)

Lville Offense:
3rd in Scoring Offense (45.2)
27th in Rushing Offense (194.1)
9th in Passing Offense (300.6)

VT: +0.42 per game
Lville: +0.91 per game

Record vs Bowl Teams:
VT: 5-2; PF:30.85 PA:16.85
Lville: 1-2; PF:38 PA:32

VT Best Win: vs BC (8-3) 30-10
VT Worst Loss: @ FSU (8-4) 22-27

Lville Best Win: vs Rutgers (7-4) 56-5
Lville Worst Loss: @ USF (6-5) 14-45

Virginia Tech 31 Louisville 21

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  1. Good call on the score of this one. I had Tech winning bigger, but your spread was perfect.

    Watching Hunter Cantwell get his nose busted after talking smack this week was great.


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