Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hot Topics on the Msg Boards

Georgia Tech's Theodis Tarver is academically ineligible for the rest of his Senior season. Although, Tarver was not a stat sheet filler, he was the lone Senior on a Yellow Jacket squad just now beginning to find themselves. He provided a good inside defensive presence and experience for a team starting with 8 freshmen and sophomores in the playing rotation. Georgia Tech is playing Centenary today in Shreveport, La for Tarver's Homecoming game.

On Devil's Den, 376 replies for who is better
McRoberts or Hansborough?

Right now, Hansborough is showing better stats and I do think he is the better player right now. He has stepped up and given Carolina a good inside precense, bringing them into the Top 25 in what was to be a major rebuilding year. McRoberts will turn out to be a very good player at Duke, but it will not show until he gets out of the shadow of Shelden Williams and JJ Reddick.

Duke fans ask the question, Did Coach K pick McRoberts over Hansborough?

Miami Fans Discuss who will be favored to win the ACC next year in football.

It's very early, but who doesn't like predictions without knowing all the facts?

On what we know right now (early entries, recruiting, returning players), my predictions would be:

1. Miami

2. Va Tech

3. Clemson

4. FSU

5. BC

6. Ga Tech

7. NC State

8. Virginia

9. Maryland

10. UNC

11. Wake Forest

12. Duke

NC State Fans Calling for Sendek's Head?

After a 12-2 start, NC State fans are actually debating whether or not Herb Sendek should be the coach. Sendek is the longest tenured coach in the ACC, next to Gary Williams and Mike Kryzewski. The last few years have been some the best, but State fans clamor because he cannot beat Duke or North Carolina. I think Sendek is doing a pretty good job at NC State. If NC State had beaten UNC last Saturday, then people would be praising him.

Florida is off to a fast start with a 14-0 record. The SEC looks down this year and Florida should march fairly easily through the conference schedule if they keep playing the way they have been. Some Gators fans are beginning to think their team would beat Duke and so does Georgia Head Coach Dennis Felton. I think this is a case of coaches looking out for each other within the conference. Duke is the clear number one in the country right now in my opinion. Florida is a very good team, but not at the caliber of Duke yet. Florida is right about where they should be at #5.

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