Monday, January 9, 2006

I'm Committed But Willing to Listen

Recruiting is a big time business and keeps rabid football fans satisfied in the slow months of January and February. This article talks about how a recruit's commitment is not the end of the recruiting battle. If I am a top prospect, I would probably visit as many schools as I could too just to get the experience and make sure I was looking at my best options.

It was late November. Days earlier, Florida had beaten Florida State on the field. Months earlier, Florida State had beaten out Florida for the services of one of the nation's top prospects, safety Myron Rolle. Now, despite Rolle's word and strong commitment to the Seminoles, the Gators coaching staff was trying to win him, too.

It's all part of recruiting, too. These oral commitments everybody goes ga-ga over mean absolutely nothing. Want proof? Just ask quarterback Ryan Perrilloux. He committed to Texas in 2004. He signed with LSU in '05. Ask defensive back Demetrice Morley, a one-time Florida commitment who had second thoughts and wound up at Tennessee.

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A second article discussing the business of recruiting and how the heck these guys find out about players who play in the middle of nowhere. Former Georgia Tech Head Coach and current Army Head Coach Bobby Ross talks about the recruiting process today versus 15-20 years ago.
For the old-fashioned Ross, he rates prospects on a slightly different scale than the scouting sites. The number of stars a player boasts isn't glaring enough for the man who has coached football for 44 years.
"There are still some separate things I look for in a kid," he said. "Whether he's a three-, four-, or five-star doesn't make much difference. There's still stuff I look into - size, weight, caliber, speed. A five-star, you're still going to take a look, but the fact that he's a four- or five-star is not gospel."

"College coaches use our sites daily," Kennedy said. "They use it for the video. They also use it for the updates. There are so many periods where they can't talk to the players. They ask us, 'I know what he's telling us, but what's he telling you.' It happens all the time with college coaches finding out from us."

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And for those who are thrilled or disappointed with their school's recruiting ranking, here is an
website comparing Recruiting Rankings to Actual Results.

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