Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Marcus, Why You Do Me Like That?

An editorial by a Virginia Tech frequent visitor.

For Virginia Tech fans, the last name Vick was golden. The Hokies almost never lost with a Vick starting at quarterback. 33-3 (22-1 for Michael, 11-2 for Marcus). But winning isn't everything. That has become even more clear in the days since Tech's Gator bowl win on January 2 over Louisville.
It would be pointless for me to repeat the laundry list of things Marcus did wrong. You can find that in plenty of places around the internet, newspapers, and T.V. The list has grown long and no one I know wants to defend his actions. Disappointment is the only word I can come up with to explain what this whole episode has been for me as a VT fan. Disappointment for Virginia Tech football, disappointment for what-could-have-been for Marcus, disappointment for a kid that grew up not too far from where I did and whom I had convinced myself to believe in.

I'm not worried about Virginia Tech football. The Hokies are not weak at the QB position. Everyone should expect another year of challenging for the ACC title and possibly more. On-the-field leadership will be stronger next season than it was under Marcus.

Maybe I'm just being naive, but I don't think Marcus Vick is a bad kid. He's immature and he's made some really bad decisions. Some really bad decisions for which he needs to pay the consequences. I hope he will learn from the consequences of his actions and will grow as a person. I hope he'll prove everyone wrong who's given up on him. And I hope in a few years I'll be watching him play football on Sunday afternoons.

But for now,

I'm looking forward to next football season and having to live with the embarrassment this whole situation has brought on the football program and its fans. But next season is only around 7 months away.

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