Monday, January 2, 2006

sUGAr Bowl?


#8 Georgia (10-2, 7-2) vs #11 West Virginia (10-1, 7-0) Atlanta, GA 8:30 ET ABC

Line: UGA -7; Total: 47
ATS: UGA 6-6; WV 8-2
O/U: UGA 6-5-1; WV 5-5
UGA Favorite: ATS 4-4 W/L 8-1
WV Dog: ATS 2-1 W/L 2-1
Games over 47: UGA - 6
Games over 47: WV - 5
Common Opponents: None

UGA Offense:
29.1 Points Per Game
225 Passing YPG
157.0 Rushing YPG

WV Defense:
16.3 Point Per Game
194.2 Passing YPG
99.3 Rushing YPG

UGA Defense:
14.6 Points Per Game
173.8 Passing YPG
124.0 Rushing YPG

WV Offense:
31.5 Points Per Game
116.2 Passing YPG
262.5 Rushing YPG

UGA: +1.16 per game
WV: +1.00 per game

Record vs Bowl Teams:
UGA: 4-2; PF: 25.5 PA: 15.67
WV: 3-1 ; PF: 29.25 PA: 26.25

UGA Best Win: vs LSU (10-2) 34-14
UGA Worst Loss: vs Fla (8-3) 10-14

WV Best Win: vs Louisville (9-2) 46-44
WV Worst Loss: vs VT (10-2) 17-34

West Virginia will be playing essentially a road game vs Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. The big question in this game will be whether or not West Virginia can run on this tough Georgia defense. The Bulldogs have faced a similar offense when they play Florida, but West Virginia is more dependent on the run than the Gators. Auburn’s Kenny Irons had a stellar day against Georgia in the Bulldogs last loss. While West Virginia’s stats may indicate a good defense, they have given up almost four touchdowns a game to bowl teams. Georgia’s Offense will have some tough sledding at time, but their defense will carry them to victory.

Georgia 31 West Virginia 14


  1. I think everybody was surprised by this one. I'm hoping FSU can pull off another BCS upset tomorrow night.

  2. Clark5:49 PM

    Yeah, I was pretty shocked too. I give alot of credit to Georgia coming back and making that a great game. VT had a nice comeback too. Happened kinda quick too. Underdogs are doing well this season which bodes well for FSU.


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