Friday, February 24, 2006

Just Win Baby

Some teams are already in and everybody needs to do some work (some more than others).

Duke, NC State, UNC, Boston College

FSU (17-7, 7-6; @VT, vDuke, @Mia)
Miami (15-12,7-7; @Mld, vFSU)
Virginia (14-10,7-6; @Clem, @UNC, vMld)

Win out and go far in conf. tourney (from most likely to get in to least)-
Maryland (16-10, 6-7; @UNC, vMia, @Vir)

Win conference tournament-
Clemson, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest

In -
Tennessee, LSU, Florida

Bubble -
Alabama (15-10,8-5; vFla, vAub, @MSU)
Kentucky (18-9,8-5; @LSU, @Tenn, vFla)
Arkansas (18-8,7-6; @Tenn, vMSU, @UGA)

Win out and go far in conf. tourney-
South Carolina (14-12, 5-8; vVand, vLSU, @Aub)
Vanderbilt (14-10, 5-8; @SC, @OM, vTenn)
Georgia (15-11, 5-8; @MSU, @Fla, vArk)

Win conference tournament-
Ole Miss, Miss St, Auburn

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