Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Conference Tournament Time

The SEC and ACC Conference Basketball Tournaments start tomorrow in Nashville and Greensboro respectively. The top 4 teams in the ACC will get a bye, while the top 2 teams in each division of the SEC get a bye. The ACC has two teams on the bubble right now (FSU, Maryland) with two more teams hoping that they can get on the bubble (Miami, Clemson). The SEC's Arkansas, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt are all on the tourney bubble.

Now onto the predictions. Had a rough end to the season; limping into the conference tourneys (like Duke).

Thursday's Games - ACC
#8 Miami vs #9 Clemson 12:00 JP
Clemson is playing well down the stretch, while Miami has lost 6 of its last 7.
Prediction: Clemson

#5 Florida St vs #12 Wake Forest 2:30 JP
FSU would blow a NCAA Tournament trip with a loss. Wake has struggled mightly all season.
Prediction: FSU

#7 Virginia vs #10 Virginia Tech 7:00 ESPN
Third meeting between the two teams. UVA swept the season series; will be hard to win a third. Prediction: Virginia Tech

#6 Maryland vs #11 Georgia Tech 9:30 RJ
Tech took Maryland to the wire in College Park a few weeks ago, but their season will come to an end here.
Prediction: Maryland

E5 South Carolina vs W4 Miss. St 1:00 JP
The Gamecocks would like to thank they can still make it to the Tournament. They need a win badly here.
Prediction: South Carolina

W6 Ole Miss vs E3 Kentucky 3:15 JP
Wildcats will be taking over Nashville this weekend.
Prediction: Kentucky

W5 Auburn vs E4 Vanderbilt 7:30 JP
Vandy is a much better team than Auburn and has much more to play for.
Prediction: Vanderbilt

E6 Georgia vs W3 Arkansas 8:45 JP
Rematch of last weekend's game where Arkansas won by 17. I expect the same here.
Prediction: Arkansas

Season: 87-40

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