Monday, March 20, 2006

Looking Back to the Predictions

Lets take a look back to the ACC and SEC predictions I made at the beginning of the season and see how they fared.

ACC Basketball Predictions

Here is how the ACC Finished vs how I predicted:

North Carolina12-410-6
Boston College11-511-5
NC State10-610-6
Florida State9-74-12
Virginia Tech4-127-9
Georgia Tech4-126-10
Wake Forest3-1311-5

Major suprises were how badly Wake Forest did this year and how well UNC did losing their top 6 players from last season. 4 out of the top 5 came in as expected. FSU did much better than I thought (and deserved a bid too) as did Virginia. VT and GT disappointed this season; I think the Hokies were not going to sneak up on anyone this season.

I thought the ACC would be stronger top to bottom than it was and get 7 teams in- they got 4. I thought they would have had 4 Sweet 16 Teams, but only got 2 (thanks to George Mason). Roy Williams and Tyler Hansborough were Coach and Rookie of the year like I thought and JJ Reddick was the Player of the Year (no shocker).

SEC Basketball Predictions

South Carolina6-107-9
Mississippi St.5-119-7

Tennessee is by far and away the biggest surprise in the SEC and maybe even the nation. Florida struggled a little more in conference than I thought they would, but the SEC was stronger than predictioned. Kentucky also struggled a bit more than expected. The rest of East performed close to predicted. In the West, LSU really ran through this Division to a 14-2 record. Miss St was a disappointment, but everyone else pretty much fell in line.

I thought the SEC would get in 5 teams, but it turned out to be 6. They have 2 Sweet 16 Teams though I thought Kentucky would be in instead of LSU.

Player of the Year was Glen Davis of LSU, Newcomer was Tyrus Thomas also of LSU, and Coach of the Year (well-deserved) was Bruce Pearl. I thought Ronnie Brewer would be Player of the Year (was 1st Team All-SEC), Richard Hendrix would be Newcomer of the Year, and Billy Donoavan as Coach of the Year.

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