Thursday, March 16, 2006

One Day Down...

If Duke pulls out the win over Southern, then I'll be 5-1 on the first day. Surprised by how much BC struggled; thought Tennessee would have a battle, but wouldn't need a last second shot; LSU struggled in the first half which I figured they would most of the game, but they really pulled away from Iona in the second half. SEC starts out 3-0, while the mighty Big East is 0-2 right now.

Friday's Games will be much more competitive as the the ACC and SEC face some grudge matches (7 vs 10, 8 vs 9)

Friday's Games:
#7 Cal vs #10 NC State Dallas, TX
NC State really struggled down the stretch losing their last 4. Cal is the exact opposite playing their way into the Tourney in the Pac 10 Tournament. NC State has alot of Tournament experience and played their way down to a #10 seed, but I like Cal in this game because NC State has been a totally different team since Evtimov got hurt.
Prediction: Cal

#8 Arkansas vs #9 Bucknell Dallas, TX
Arkansas' Ronnie Brewer is the type of player you need to go far in the Tournament as a sleeper because he can score in so many ways. The Razorbacks may be looking forward to a possible second round match with nearby Memphis. Bucknell will provide a stern test, but I like the Hogs in a close one.
Prediction: Arkansas

#8 Kentucky vs #9 UAB Philadelphia, PA
The Wildcats and Blazers meet again for the first time since UAB's upset of #1 Kentucky in the second round 0f 2004. The Blazers bring their full court press, which Kentucky struggled against then and will struggle against now. Rajon Rondo will have a big day, but he is the only player Kentucky can really count on. I like the Blazers in this one.
Prediction: UAB

#3 North Carolina vs #14 Murrary State Dayton, OH
The Racers have not seen a player like Tyler Hansborough this season. They won't see much more this year after tomorrow.
Prediction: North Carolina

Prediction Confidence:
1. UNC
2. UAB
3. Cal
4. Arkansas

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