Wednesday, June 28, 2006

ACC Drought Continues

The Championship Game was a tough loss for the Tar Heels against Oregon St on Monday Night.  After winning the opening game on Friday, the Tar Heels led 5-0 on Saturday before a disastrous 5th inning did them in with 7 runs coming across home plate.  Monday was a pitchers duel, but also a game of mistakes in the field allowing a couple of runs to score that probably should not have.  


Much fodder will be over the error with 2 outs in the 8th inning where the UNC second baseman threw the ball away on a routine grounder allowing the winning run to score.   You have to feel for the kid in a situation like that because who knows what would have happened if that out had been made; Oregon St still might have scored in the bottom of 9 th  or in extra innings. 


The real story should be how Oregon St went from an 11-1 beating from Miami in their opening game to win 6 straight elimination games.  

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