Monday, June 26, 2006

Let's Rank Something To Pass the Time

Matt Hayes of Sporting News recently ranked the stadiums of the ACC and the SEC. The ACC and SEC are blessed with some of the best atmospheres to watch college football in the country. Right now, the SEC would have to take the cake though. Every school outside of Kentucky and Vanderbilt, lives and breathes football and most every road game in the SEC is going to be a war. However, with the addition of Miami, VT, and BC, the ACC has become a much tougher place to play. The main difference lies in the capacity and passion of the fans though. You will not many more passionate fans than those of Georgia, LSU, Alabama, etc.

I will now take a stab at ranking the stadiums as if they were one conference.

1. LSU - Get some Cajuns together on a day off work where food and drinks are being served...LSU has the best atmosphere for college football in the country
2. Florida - In a couple of years, the Zook era will be over looked and the Swamp will eat opponents alive
3. Virginia Tech - Many will think this is too high, but what else is there to do in western Virginia except pack Lane Stadium
4. Georgia - Not the loudest stadium you will go to, but the success of the team over the last 5 years cannot be over looked
5. Tennessee - Last year was an exception to the rule. You will be singing Rocky Top in your dreams after a game in Knoxville
6. Florida St - The Chop will have you annoyed by the end of they first quarter
7. Auburn - The Eagle flying around Jordan-Hare Stadium before the game; it sends chills up your spine
8. Clemson - The most exciting 25 seconds in college football and maybe the loudest stadium in football.
9. Alabama - Bryant-Denny is getting back to where is used to be
10. South Carolina - The most loyal fans in college football, not the team, make this a tough place to win
11. Miami - Not the best atmosphere all around, but you know you are in for a war with the Canes
12. Arkansas - Wooooo Pig Sooey will leave you wondering if you should have gotten of the bus
13. Georgia Tech - Not too many teams are used to playing in a big city under the big lights
14. Boston College - It's small size actually works to an advantage because of the "comfort factor"

Except for Duke, Wake Forest, and Vanderbilt, I pretty much lump everyone else in the same stature.

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