Monday, November 13, 2006

Power Rankings Week 12

Power Rankings –Nov 13
Here is where I think the SEC and ACC stand after 11 weeks of play. I base the rankings mostly off of which teams would be the best on a neutral field as of right now. The last game played and head-to-head matchups do play a part as well.

1. Arkansas
Razorbacks took it to a good Tenneessee team and are playing the best right now
2. Florida
Gators survive again doing just enough to win
3. LSU
Tigers slowly climbing back up the ranks, though right now there is a big gap between them and the top 2
4. Auburn
Auburn played like a #45 team not a #5 team last week
5. South Carolina
Coaching is there, but the talent is not right now
6. Tennessee
Loss of Ainge has really hurt them
7. Georgia
Huge win for their confidence over Auburn
8. Kentucky
9. Alabama
10. Vanderbilt
11. Miss St
12. Ole Miss

Other SEC Notes:
Still the best conference from top to bottom in the nation. The top is not as strong as it has been in years past, but 1-7 can play with anybody outside of the top 5. The SEC will have nine teams eligible for bowls, but only have eight slots as of now. If anyone gets left out in the cold, my guess would be Kentucky.

1. Wake Forest
Playing the best of anyone right now and they are not squeaking by in these games
2. Georgia Tech
Probably the most talented team, but struggles on offense are always a possibility
3. Maryland
What a turnaround the Terps have made and it has been made on offense and defense
4. Virginia Tech
5. Boston College
6. Clemson
7. Miami
8. Florida State
9. Virginia
10. NC State
11. North Carolina
12. Duke

Other ACC Notes:
Obviously the down year for the ACC continues. The title is shaping up to be a good one, but it will lack the firepower of other conference championship games. The bottom half of the ACC is really struggling right now and may get blasted come bowl season. Still, the ACC has six teams with 8+ wins.

Top 10
1. Ohio St
2. Michigan
3. USC
4. Florida
5. Arkansas
6. Notre Dame
7. Rutgers
8. Texas
9. West Virginia
10. Wisconsin

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