Sunday, November 26, 2006

Spurrier Comes Up Big in Clemson

Steve Spurrier has been good for one upset victory per season throughout his whole career and up until this Saturday, he had not gotten one this year. But South Carolina broke a four game losing streak and got it done on Saturday. Clemson came out of the gate with a bang by scoring two quick TDs, but the Gamecocks never lost faith and kept chipping away at the lead. Even with a potential interception return for a touchdown turned into a touch back for Clemson, this South Carolina found a way to win.

I really thought Clemson had poor clock management in the last minute of the game. They drove down the field and you could tell the whole stadium just knew the Tigers would go in for the winning score. But when a first down run was hit for little gain, the Tigers seemed in no hurry despite having less than a minute and 15+ yards to go. Instead of calling one of their three timeouts, Clemson hurriedly ran to the line and ran an unorganized play netting no gain. All of sudden its third down now. South Carolina took a gamble and it paid off by sacking Proctor on third down forcing a field goal, which was missed.

I thought the key coming into the game was the combo of James Davis and CJ Spiller. Spiller lived up to his end of the bargain with 155 yards, but Davis had just 19 on 11 carries. You could see the Lightning (Spiller), but couldn't hear the Thunder (Davis).

Side note: I talked about how underrated this game was as far as hatred for the opposing side. This is the game of the year in South Carolina with no pro sports and only two Division I schools. However, it seems this rivalry took a deadly turn after the game.

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