Friday, December 1, 2006

Some Interesting Numbers

To give you an idea of how good Darren McFadden of Arkansas is check
out these numbers. 1,485 yards rushing…that is a really good season,
but it isn't 2,000 yards like Troy Davis did at Iowa State
twice(wonder what he is doing now?). To put this into perspective,
DMac has out rushed teams like Florida State, Miami, Tennessee, Boston
College, and Virginia Tech. He is just six yards behind Notre Dame as
well and beat out 45 teams in the Division formerly known as Division

McFadden is not only a runner, but a pretty good passer too completing
all five of his pass attempts and throwing for 2 TDs. That is good
for a 349.6 QB rating. Expect at least three throws from McFadden
against Florida.

The Razorbacks are second in the nation with 26 scoring drives of five
plays or less. Hawaii is number one with 30.

But, Florida has a pretty good stat on their own – 17. The Gators
have not allowed a rusher over 100 yards in 17 games. The last to do
it, Joe Addai, just scored another TD for the Colts against
Philadelphia in the NFL.

SEC East vs SEC West this season? A deadlock at 9-9 for each side.

So how good of a season is this for Wake Forest? Considers these stats

Wake has just seven winning seasons in 54 years of ACC play. They had
only finished more than one game over .500 in conference play twice
before going 6-2 this year.

Also, Wake went 6-0 on the road. They are the first team ever to do
that in the history of the ACC out of the 113 teams that have played
six road games in a season. Florida State had gone undefeated on the
road, but did not play six road games.

If Reggie Ball throws more TD and than INT, mark it down as a Tech
win. If he throws more picks than touchdowns, Wake will win. This
stat is true 80% over his four years.

Both Georgia Tech and Wake Forest's ACC opponents were 26-30 in league
play. Wake was the only team to play NC State, North Carolina, and
Duke in the ACC.

The Atlantic Division was 12-6 versus the Coastal this season. Both
Tech and Wake were 2-1 with the opposing division.

Some of these numbers are from an column by Dave Revsine
while finding some others on my own

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