Monday, January 8, 2007

BCS Championship: First Quarter Review

The game started out with a bang on the Ted Ginn opening kickoff return for a touchdown. But the Gators came back with a good return of their own and 15 yards was added on with a facemask on the Ohio State kicker giving Florida a short field. The Gators are pulling out all the stops on offense giving the Buckeyes a lot to think about. Leak is looking the best he has all season. His receivers are finding space in the Ohio State and he is getting the necessary time to get them the ball.

Ohio State comes out of offense for the first time and goes three and out. Jim Tressell elected to spread the Gators out, but Florida was ready. After the punt, another 15 yard penalty gives Florida another short field. Leak starts out with just one incompletion after the first two touchdown drives. Eight different Florida players touched the ball on their first two drives.

The Gators again go right down the field again and are on the verge on taking a 21-7 lead. Ohio State looks slow right now, as they are unable to get much pressure on Leak. The Buckeyes d-line is using an interesting formation by having three guys down and one guy stand up on the interior line.

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