Monday, January 8, 2007

BCS Championship : Fourth Quarter Live Analysis

Florida’s Defensive line comes up big again on OSU’s first possession of the fourth. Smith is throwing off his back foot and has been not even close on a lot of his throws tonight. The Heisman winner is trying to pump his teammates up on the sideline, but there is no life in the Scarlett and Gray right now.

Florida scores again this time with Tim Tebow running right over an Ohio State player for the touchdown. Seems like the offense from the 1930s is still useful today. Like Mark May has said all season – When Tebow is in, he is going to run. Well, except for that TD pass in the second quarter he has, yet nobody can stop him for less than a four yard gain all year long. The gators did not sit on the ball at all on that drive by running it. Instead, they used short, high percentage passes like long handoffs to move the ball and the clock.

I really thought Ohio State would mount a comeback, but they haven't. The Florida mashed on the gas again in the second half.

Five sacks of Troy Smith as he goes down untouched and the Buckeyes punt the ball away. The Heisman jinx continues to rear its ugly head.

The Gators run out the clock instead of going for another score. Chris Leak gets his championship. Florida now holds the NCAA Basketball Championship and MNC Football Championship.

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