Monday, January 8, 2007

BCS Championship: Third Quarter Analysis

First Series’
It sounds as if Ted Ginn may not be able to play very much in the second half it at all. The Gators go three and out on their first possession. A very bad punt by Eric Wilbur gives Ohio State the ball in Florida territory; this is exactly what Ohio State needs.

Ohio State does not have much luck on their first possession either. The Gator d-line is still getting a lot of pressure on Smith. Nice tackle by Earl Everett sans helmet. The Gators get the ball back inside their own 10 however.

Next Possessions
The Gators are using Percy Harvin all over the field - running back, slot back, h-back, wide receiver. Harvin looks to have the same versatility as Reggie Bush did. Leak is on the money so far tonight hitting his receivers right on the money.

Ted Ginn is done for the game. Pads off and a boot on that left foot.

Buckeyes D is starting to catch onto the option and reverses by Florida. It will be interesting to see if Meyer tries to go down field next possession with all the short throws and option runs so far.

No scoring in the third quarter after 48 points in the first half.

Florida has dominated both lines of scrimmage in this game. This has helped Chris Leak out play Troy Smith by a large margin in this game.

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