Sunday, January 21, 2007

If the SEC and ACC Merged

The Tallahassee News ranked the ACC and SEC as if they were one conference from 1-24. This article was orginally published last Saturday before the SEC was turned upside down.

A couple of their rankings I find interesting.
4. Kentucky
Kentucky is better than some expected this season, but they have pumped up their record so far this season on the bottom half of the SEC. I place Kentucky more in the 6-8 range.

11. Virginia Tech
I guess wins over a team ranked 1st and 7th don't count for much. VT makes my top 8.

16. Vanderbilt
I will give them a break since this was published before last Saturday

17. NC State
The Wolf pack are struggling mightily this year with two, 20+ losses at home.

Most every other ranking I agree with. I will be the first to admit I love rankings, but right now it is so tough to do so in the ACC and SEC because of how balanced these conferences are each of their powerhouses (Florida, North Carolina)

My rankings...
Group I: North Carolina, Florida
Group II: Alabama, LSU, Duke, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Vanderbilt
Group III: Boston College, Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida St, Virginia, Maryland
Group IV: Ole Miss, Auburn, Miss St, NC State, South Carolina, Wake Forest, Miami

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