Sunday, January 21, 2007

Things I Learned From The SEC

This Gator team can turn it on when the need to/want to. But they are also susceptible to lapses like the one in the Ole Miss game. If they are not careful, they will have a lapse against a good team and get too far behind. Still, Florida has talent to beat anyone in the country.
Donovan ponders refs offer for Dancing with the Stars

The Crimson Tide needed every bit of luck (and maybe some help from the officials) to win on Saturday. They have one of the best inside/outside combos in the country in Ronald Steel, Richard Hendrix, and Jemario Davidson. Alabama is the prohibitive favorite to win the West with LSU faltering on the road continually this year.

Alabama can now return to lavishing Nick Saban

Just when I thought the Wildcats were making a name for themselves in the SEC this year, the lose to Vanderbilt. I chalk it up that the Wildcats were playing above their talent level and they cannot just show up anymore with the strength of this league.

Glen Davis is a marked man this season and the focus of every opponent's defense. However, he does not have the supporting cast of last season especially on the interior with the loss of Tyrus Thomas. The Tigers look more like a team just above .500 than a conference dominator.

Tough luck for the Bulldogs on Saturday, but you can really see the strides of Dennis Felton's club in his third year in Athens. Georgia started off well last year, but fizzled down the stretch. We will see in their next couple of games how this close loss affects them and whether it has lingering effects.

Ranking the SEC
1. Florida
Gators are best by a good margin
2. Alabama
Tide are next in class
3. Kentucky
4. LSU
5. Vanderbilt
6. Georgia
7. Tennessee
8. Arkansas
Pick a team, any team.. these will beat up each other all year
9. Miss St
10. Ole Miss
11. Auburn
12. South Carolina
This is where the SEC has an advantage of other conference

Game Recaps From This Weekend

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