Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just One Game Tonight?

A game many thought would be between two teams vying for conference titles and a high NCAA Tournament.

Kentucky vs LSU 9:00 ESPN
LSU's fall to the bottom of the SEC West is somewhat baffling considering many think Glen Davis is the best player in the SEC. Problem is that as good as Davis is, he can only do so much before somebody else has to step up. Think Barry Sanders and the Detroit Lions. Meanwhile, the Kentucky fans are red over Tubby's lackluster year (again). If Kentucky does not make it to the Final 4 this year, and it looks like they won't, it will match their longest final four drought ever (9 years). Some programs would love to go every 9 years, but this is Kentucky. Think the New York Yankees in baseball...anyways, I like Kentucky at home.

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