Monday, March 19, 2007

Greg Oden In His Spare Time

Ohio State is through to the Sweet 16 largely because of their Big Man On Campus, Greg Oden. Oden is the best player on the number one team in the nation (from the polls) and is likely the number one pick in the upcoming NBA Draft if he chooses to declare. So far this year, Oden is averaging 15.6 ppg, 9.8 rpg, 60.5 FG%, and 3.4 bpg.

We all now his prowess on the court, but what about off the court. According to a recent Sports Illustrated article on the Ohio State Athletic Department, Greg Oden is taking just two courses in Spring Semester 2007 - Sociology 101 and History of Rock & Roll. He also receives two credits for basketball, a benefit varsity athletes are able to claim twice during their academic career.

I guess that leaves a lot of time for basketball and partying. Oden may be doing a little more partying if the Buckeyes can win it all as some project they will.

Oden is enjoying his "Big Man On Campus" status in Columbus.

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