Monday, March 26, 2007

NIT Final 4

You think the NCAA Selection Committee got it right? How about the NIT Selection Committee! That's right there is an actual NIT Selection Committee that actually seeds the teams similarly to how the NCAA Committee does it. And wouldn't you know it, all 4 number 1 seeds made it to New York for the NIT Final 4.

Home court advantage matters more in college basketball than any sport. Its no wonder that Clemson was able to hold on against Syracuse despite doing everything in their power to give that game away. They had build such a huge lead at home that 50% free throw shooting could not take them down.

On one side Clemson meets Air Force in a battle of high flyers versus sound basketball. When you think of the Air Force you think of high flyers, but not in this case. I think Clemson will really struggle with Air Force unless they can force the Falcons into an up tempo game.

Miss St, who won the Western Division of the SEC, is on the other side and will face West Virginia. Two well coached teams, but not a lot of talent. I gotta like John Beilein though when he has a week to prepare. Plus, his players have already played in the Garden during the Big East Tournament (and should have beaten Louisville).

So it looks like the ACC and SEC will go down without an NIT Title this year. Hope I am wrong though!

NIT All Time Participants
West Virginia is the only team in this year's Final 4 to have won the NIT (1)
St John's lead all teams with 6 NIT Championships
Clemson leads all ACC teams with 14 NIT Bids
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