Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Quick Sweet 16 Picks

On the eve of the Sweet 16 where you only have to flip between two games and not four. This is the first round where number one seeds start to fall. Who has the toughest match up in the Sweet 16? I would say Ohio State because they should have lost to Xavier and they are playing a team they beat by just one earlier in the year at home.

Ohio State vs Tennessee
The Volunteers have the horses to play with Ohio State and won't be intimidated by a team they have already played this season. Oden needs to be a force for Ohio State and the Buckeyes must continue their hot shooting from the outside. I like Ohio State in nail biter that will likely go to overtime.

North Carolina vs USC
Everyone keeps saying how vulnerable UNC looks, but if Hansbrough and Lawson keep playing the way they are then the Tar Heels look like Final 4 material. USC will have to travel across the country and play a team who loves to run and send waves of subs. The Trojans have struggled against high powered offenses. I like UNC in this one, but it will be very close for about 37 minutes.

Florida vs Butler
This shouldn't even be a game on paper, but Florida ain't playing up to their paper stats. Butler will do their best to slow the game and remove the shot clock all together, but Florida's inside players will eventually overpower the Bulldogs.

Vanderbilt vs Georgetown
On paper this looks like the most lopsided of the Sweet 16 games, but Vandy has already surprised me twice this Tournament. Everyone already has Georgetown penciled in for the Elite 8.....oh who am I kidding - Georgetown should win this one going away.

Southern Illinois vs Kansas
If Kansas imposes their style of play, the Salukis can't run with the Jayhawks

Texas A&M vs Memphis
Memphis is the Rodney Dangerfield of the NCAA Tournament. College Station is not that far from San Antonio and I love Acie Law in crunch time. Texas A&M keeps marching.

Pitt vs UCLA
UCLA should beat this Pitt team to a pulp with their athleticism and Pitt will have to travel all the way across the country. Also, the teacher has mastered the pupil so far in this Tournament

UNLV vs Oregon
I go back and forth on this game. One part of me says UNLV knows how to win. Another part says Oregon is very atheltic and playing very well - they already beat Georgetown this year. Oregon makes it two Pac 10 teams in the Elite 8

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