Tuesday, March 13, 2007

SEC: First Look at the Tournament

The SEC sneaks into the NCAA Tournament with 5 teams because of Arkansas' late season push. Florida remained the top Gator and grabbed a number one seed in the Midwest (and not the South).

Florida #1 Seed Midwest
- The Gators have the most talent of anyone in the nation, but at times that talent spigot has been turned off, can Florida turn it on at anytime?
- Each player has their role, but Noah is the heart and soul of the team and right now he is hungry.
- I think the one player that gives them an advantage over anyone else is Al Horford on the inside
- I think their region is the weakest by a good amount and Gator fans and Joakim Noah have every reason to be this excited

Tennessee #5 Seed South
- LSU was all over Chris Lofton last Thursday, yet he still managed 20+ points
- They win ball games with full court pressure, three pointers, and transition - not exactly the classic formula for winning the Tournament
- Potential showdown with Ohio State looming; Vols gave the Buckeyes a big scare at home earlier in the year

Vanderbilt #6 Seed East
- Just glad that they don't have to play Arkansas again...unless they meet in the Elite 8
- A lot of people are going to know the name Derrick Byars if they don't by now
- Tough draw getting sent out West in the first round. I would much rather be a slot lower and be near home
- Must regain that mid season dominance they had. I said dominance like in their win over Florida

Kentucky #8 Seed West
- 2nd straight year in the 8 vs 9 game cannot make Wildcat fans happy
- They need someone to step up and take charge in the Tournament; they have no go-to guy right now
- Rick Pitino made the 3-pointer a staple in Lexington, but the Wildcats have struggled this year from beyond the arc.
- Tubby might not want to come home if they lose in the first round
Source: Google

Arkansas #12 Seed East
- I said it on Sunday that many would be jealous of Arkansas because they didn't have the look of a Tournament team, but were in the right place at the right time
- Their reward is USC, but luckily this time it is in basketball and not football
- Are there any direct flights from Fayetteville, AR to Spokane, WA?

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