Sunday, April 1, 2007

Florida and Ohio State Domination

Could Florida really beat Ohio State for the football and basketball championships in the same year? They are the favorites on Monday Night to be the first basketball team to win back to back national titles since Duke in 1991-92 and be the first school to win the football and basketball championships within the same calendar year.

Lets give props where props are due. Both Florida and Ohio State have dominant athletic programs - they are the elite college athletics right now. Texas is up there, USC is heading there but Florida and Ohio State are in another class. Whatever the outcome, both of these schools fans, alumni, players, and coaches have a lot to be proud of.

Now onto the game. It seems the hype around this game is not that big. How often do you get a rematch of the football national championship in the basketball championship? Well, the hype is not up there because both of these basketball teams play second fiddle to football on their campuses. Neither school will be distraught if they lose this game. I will try to create some hype though...

For Ohio State to win...

Greg Oden has to have a monster game - like Michael Jordan vs Georgetown; like Mike Bibby vs Kentucky; like Carmelo Anthony vs Kansas. Oden needs to neutralize Noah and Horford on the inside. The freshman needs to have a game where people say "he has nothing left to accomplish in college".
Mike Conley, Jr needs to play as well as his counterpart Taurean Green. Green is the weakest link in the Gator starting lineup... and he still might be an NBA starter.

For Florida to win...
Just play well. If Florida plays as well as Ohio State then the Gators are going to win. They cannot turn the ball over liberally; they cannot be ice cold from the outside; Noah and Horford cannot get in foul trouble early.

The law of averages, theory of what goes around comes back around, all that tells me that Ohio State owes Florida one. All the talk of how Ohio State was going to roll Florida in Glendale is reversed in Atlanta. The Gators beat the Buckeyes - sans a healthy Oden - earlier in the year by 25 in Gainesville; will they play their hardest for 40 minutes knowing they can probably beat this team......

All Florida has to do is play well.... not spectacular, not even great, just play well. Therefore, the odds tell me Florida will win... unless you think Ohio State is due for payback.

Florida wins.

Noah is a pretty good player, but UCLA had some fun with him anyways...

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