Wednesday, April 25, 2007

SEC Coaches: These Guys Are Good

A recent article in The Sporting News ranks the current SEC football coaches. I think this list is a little unfair because the coaches are the best of the best. Four coaches have national titles to their credit (Spurrier, Fulmer, Saban, Meyer) and another has gone undefeated in the last 3 years (Tubberville).

Not surprisingly, Ed Ogeron and Sly Croom are ranked 11th and 12th respectively, but I think both have a chance to turn their programs around - although it will be tough to have two good programs within a small state like Mississippi. But to rank Les Miles number 10 seems like a slap in the face to man whose LSU Tigers probably would have given Florida a better game than Ohio State and ended the season playing as good as anyone last year (I know Florida won earlier in the year 23-10, but LSU played horrible that day).

No matter how you rank'em, somebody with an SEC Title is going to end up in the bottom half and that just shows you how good the SEC is. Maybe even tougher than the AFC East (you hear that Nick?)


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