Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stewart Mandel and His Lists

Stewart Mandel, who loves to rank coaches and give away free hot dogs, has ranked the top coaches in college basketball.

I thought I would take a crack at the ACC and SEC and see who I can piss off like Stewart.

I don't think they are any bad coaches in the ACC or SEC, but maybe a few who are over their head.

1. Roy Williams
Lots of people will say Kryzewski, but Duke has slipped over the last 3 years. Roy is building UNC to a level it last experienced in Dean Smith's prime.
2. Mike Kryzewski
A very, very respectable second for the three time national title winner
3. Seth Greenberg
Turned a football school into a respectable basketball program while taking a step up
4. Gary Williams
Lost a little bit since the early 90s, but still a formidable foe year in and year out
5. Al Skinner
BC never gets the top guys, but always find themselves in the Tournament
6. Paul Hewitt
Has hit a slump recently, but can recruit with the best of them
7. Oliver Purnell
Needs to learn to finish, but always of to a good start
8. Frank Haith
Done a decent job at Miami, but he will never be able to win consistently there
9. Leonard Hamilton
Just cannot get over the hump and into the post season, time may be running short
10. Skip Prosser
Early momentum largely generated by Chris Paul. Tough being #4 in your own state

Not rated due to lack of experience:
Dave Leito, Sidney Lowe


1. Billy Donovan
No comment necessary
2. Kevin Stalllings
Who would have thought Vandy would make it to 2 of the last 3 Sweet 16s
3. Bruce Pearl
Talent and effort to beat anyone, but live and die by the three pointer
4. John Brady
Lackluster season in 2007, but does have a Final 4 to his credit
5. Rick Stansbury
For a while, was the class of the SEC West
6. Mark Gottfried
Seems to do less with more sometimes
7. Dave Odom
Good floor coach, but lacks recruiting touch at football school
8. Dennis Felton
Will take Georgia to the Tournament eventually, but only if he gets the time too
9. Jeff Lebo
At Auburn, players transfer to other football schools who are better at basketball

Not Rated due to lack of experience:
Billy Gillespie, Jeff Pelphrey, Andy Kennedy,

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