Sunday, April 22, 2007

Toughest or Best Job in College Sports?

A recent Atlanta Journal-Constitution article got me thinking as to what were the best jobs or toughest jobs in college depending on you way of thinking.

The AJC article discussed Billy Gillespie and Nick Saban as they take over the most prestigious football and basketball programs in the SEC. A couple of different items were discussed including Billy Gillespie's lunch menu, the lack of pro sports in these states, the legends they still follow to this day, boosters, and the perks of the jobs.

Nick Saban has a tall task ahead of him. Not only is he expected to beat Auburn (this year), but also expected to win the SEC West, the SEC Championship, and a National Title. All of this should be accomplished the 2012 Presidential Election most likely. Meanwhile at Kentucky, Gillespie needs to get the Wildcats back to the Final Four. Kentucky has not made an appearance since they last won it all in 1998.

I think Saban has the tougher job and it is not even close. The SEC is a football powerhouse and with schools like Auburn, LSU, and occasionally Arkansas to fend off just trying to get to the SECCG, then you get to face Florida, Georgia, or Tennessee just to win a conference championship. Thrown in that Auburn has dominated you for the last five years and that the NCAA sanctions which left the cupboard somewhat bare, Saban will earn that $4M a year salary.

So what are the toughest... or best jobs in the country?
1. Alabama
2. Notre Dame
3. Nebraska
4. Texas
5. Miami

1. Kentucky
3. Indiana
4. North Carolina
5. Kansas

Follow Up from SI On Campus on the toughest college basketball jobs this upcoming year.

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