Sunday, June 3, 2007

SEC Releases Early TV Schedule

We only have about three months until college football kicks for most of the SEC and ACC. The SEC released its early season TV schedule, with a couple of headliner non conference the first two weeks.

LSU will travel to Starkville to kick the season off on August 30 at 8PM on ESPN. Let's just hope Miss St can muster some points to make this one entertaining. I have a feeling we will be lucky to see 35 points total though.

That Saturday is when most everyone kicks off. Okie State travels to Athens and will try to fare better than Boise State did last year at 6:45 on ESPN2. Auburn hosts Kansas State in a rare cross-sectional matchup at 7:45 on ESPN and Cal looks for revenge on Tennessee in Berkeley on ABC at 8PM. I love how the SEC has stepped out of the Conference USA and Sun Belt entree of early season games and scheduled some BCS conference teams.

Week 2 will feature an early season SEC tilt on ESPN2 at 5:45 with South Carolina traveling to Georgia. This is the game where South Carolina could separate themselves into a division contender this year. LSU would not host a big time opponent at any other time than at night. The Hokies come calling at 9:15 on ESPN in what should be an early season national championship weed out game. Hard to pick against LSU on a Saturday night in Baton Rouge...

Week 3 is when the SEC East really starts to shake out when Tennessee will travel to Florida for the CBS game at 3:30. Very hard to come back and win the East for the loser in this game. Arkansas travels to Alabama in Nick Saban's first big conference tilt at 6:45 on ESPN.

Just 3 months to go...

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