Saturday, August 25, 2007

ACC Previews Part I

Virginia (5-7, 4-4)

Returning Starters: 9 Offense, 10 Defense
Letterman Returning: 35 (16, 17, 2)
Letterman Lost: 19 (12, 5, 2)

A team that looked downright awful early last season turned into a semi-formidable one by years end. Jameel Sewell returns at QB for his sophomore campaign. The Cavaliers are still looking for a proven tailback and a go to receiver though. Defensively, Chris Long may be one of the best DEs in the nation. Virginia needs to get a big win or two to get over that mid ACC slump.
Best Case: 8-4
Worst Case: 4-8

Virginia Last 7 Years-
45-37 SU
40-40 ATS
16-11 Home Fav
12-3 Home Dog
6-8 Away Fav
6-18 Away Dog
22-19 Favorite
18-21 Dog
16-27 Off SU Win
21-9 Off SU Loss

North Carolina (3-9, 2-6)

Returning Starters: 5 Offense, 4 Defense
Returning Letterman: 46 (20, 24, 20 )
Letterman Lost: 16 (7, 8, 1)

Butch Davis is the new sheriff in Chapel Hill and looking to build a sleeping giant into an ACC powerhouse. However, the talent present in John Bunting’s first few years is no longer roaming Franklin St and Davis will have his work cut out for him. The QB situation is still up for grabs with redshirt freshman TJ Yates and sophomore Cam Sexton dueling for the starting position. Davis did have a very good first recruiting class led by DT Marvin Austin who will push for playing time.
Best Case: 5-7
Worst Case: 3-9

UNC Last 7 Years Stats:
32-49 SU
38-41 ATS
5-12 Home Fav
12-12 Home Dog
4-2 Away Fav
17-15 Away Dog
9-14 Favorite
29-27 Dog
9-18 Off SU Win
26-20 Off SU Loss

Duke (0-12, 0-8)

Does it really matter…..?

NC State (3-9, 2-6)

Returning Starters: 8 Offense, 6 Defense
Returning Letterman: 41 (17, 24, 0)
Letterman Lost: 15 (5, 7, 3)

The Wolfpack fired Chuck Amato and brought in Boston College’s Tom O’Brien in hopes of improving the discipline of a talented roster. Andre Brown and Toney Baker are both back and could be one of the most talented duos in the nation. Speedster Darrell Blackman returns at wideout and returner, but the Pack will go as far as Junior QB Daniel Evans will take them. The talent level is not quite where it was a few years ago, but the defensive line should be strong again led by Demarrio Pressley.
Best Case: 7-5
Worst Case: 4-8

NC State Last 7 Years
45-36 SU
33-42 ATS
10-19 Home Fav
4-7 Home Dog
4-12 Away Fav
14-4 Away Dog
15-31 Fav
18-11 Dog
16-22 Off SU Win
15-18 Off SU Loss

Maryland (9-4, 5-3)

Returning Starters: 8 Offense, 6 Defense
Letterman Returning: 41 (19, 18, 4)
Letterman Lost: 14 (7, 5, 2)

Ralph Friedgen is trying to rebuild the Terps into ACC Champs around his style of offense. The former Frank Broyles Award Winner is still looking for a QB more suited to that strategy. Darius Heyward-Bey returns at WR for his sophomore campaign after a Freshman All ACC season. Leading the defense is Erin Henderson, brother of NFLer EJ Henderson.
Best Case: 8-4
Worst Case: 4-8

Maryland Last 7 Years-
52-29 SU
43-35 ATS
17-14 Home Fav
5-5 Home Dog
8-6 Away Fav
13-8 Away Dog
25-21 Fav
18-14 Dog
27-20 Off SU Win
15-10 Off SU Loss

Wake Forest (11-3, 7-2)

Returning Starters: 9 Offense, 5 Defense
Returning Letterman: 46 (26 Offense, 20 Defense, 2 ST)
Letterman Lost: 18 (8 Offense, 9 Defense, 1 ST)

Defending ACC Champions – the Demon Deacons will have to live a bulls-eye on their back this year (though I don’t think it is that big). Wake will not be given a chance again this year (much like this year) despite returning 9 starters on offense, including 2nd Team All-ACC QB Riley Skinner. However, on defense Wake lost its best player (Jon Abbate) and two of the better safeties in the conference.
Best Case: 8-4
Worst Case: 4-8

Wake Last 7 Years:
38-43 SU
35-39-3 ATS
Home Fav 3-15-1
Home Dog 11-7-1
Away Fav 2-5
Away Dog 18-11-1
Fav 5-20-1
Dog 30-18-1
Off SU Win 16-15-2
Off SU Loss 16-21-1

Boston College (10-3, 5-3)

Returning Starters: 7 Offense, 9 Defense
Letterman Returning: 44 (18 Off, 23, Def, 3ST)
Letterman Lost: 17 (8 Off, 7 Def, 2 ST)

Flying under the radar is a BC specialty and this year is no different. I think a lot of people are picking the Eagles for the bottom of the Atlantic is because they lost Tom O’Brien and replaced him with someone who has no head coaching experience (Jeff Jagodzinski). Matt Ryan (1st Team All ACC) is back at QB along with a two capable backs in LV Whitworth and Andre Callendar. The biggest loss on defense is from a guy who was expected to be back this year. Brian Toal will be out this year after shoulder surgery, which is a big blow to what would have been a very formidable defense.
Best Case: 9-3
Worst Case: 4-8

BC Last 7 Years:

53-27 SU
43-33-2 ATS
19-11-2 Home Fav
6-3 Home Dog
9-10 Away Fav
9-9 Away Dog
28-21-2 Fav
15-12 Dog
27-21-2 Off SU Win

14-7 Off SU Loss

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