Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ACC Players in the NFL

Link from ACCNOW with the number of ACC alumni in the NFL (250 total)

Miami leads the way with 48, while Duke has just 3.

FSU comes in at number two with 43 players.

Some interesting figures though....
Maryland is a distant 3rd with 23 players
UNC is 4th with 22 players
NC State is 5th with 20 players
These three schools have been pretty mediocre over the last 6-8 yet they are producing some good talent. I am not surprised by UNC as they have historically done well in the NFL.

Virginia and Virginia Tech have the same number of players (19) in the NFL, yet Va Tech has dominated Virginia on the gridiron. That tells me that Beamer is a better coach than Groh on the field and has done it with similar players.

Georgia Tech may be the team who does the most with the least. 10 straight bowl games yet they rank 8th with just 16 players.

Better yet, what about Clemson with just 11? The Tigers went through a rough patch in the mid 90s, but 11 is pretty low considering the amount of "perceived" talent touching the rock.

Check it out

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