Sunday, September 30, 2007

Conference Ranking


I think LSU is way ahead of all of these teams at this juncture in the season. Florida and BC are a step behind. Kentucky through Georgia are all very talented but missing a key ingredient to go all the way. 7-14 Auburn through Arkansas are Jekyl and Hyde teams and could be put in any order. Everyone knew the North Carolina teams would struggle, but I have been surprised by the lack of performance so far.

1. LSU
Haven't shown any weaknesses so far
2. Florida
Chinks in the armor discovered in the loss; still extremely talented team
3. Boston College
Why do they scrape by such less opponents?
4. Kentucky
They just keep winning and Woodson is as good as advertised
5. South Carolina
Workman like effort in win with backup QB
6. Georgia
Running game exploded with best duo in SEC
7. Auburn

Showed a lot of composure in winning drive in the Swamp
8. Virginia Tech
AP Ranking is a little high for a team that has not shown anything
9. Tennessee
Tough season could really turn positive with an SEC win against Georgia
10. Virginia
Could this be a breakthrough year for the Cavs?
11. Georgia Tech
Great bounce back win, but cannot have any more two week lapses
12. Maryland
One of the least talked about upsets all with a backup QB POY
13. Clemson
14. Arkansas (Edit)
15. Miami
16. Florida State
17. Wake Forest
18. Alabama
19. Miss St
20. Vanderbilt
21. Ole Miss
22. North Carolina
23. NC State
24. Duke

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