Monday, September 10, 2007

Rank the ACC and SEC

Still very early in the season with a long way to go, but I thought I would put a ranking out their of the top of the ACC and SEC.

1. LSU
2. Florida
3. South Carolina
4. Arkansas

5. Tennessee
Outside Looking In: Alabama
Bottom: Miss State

LSU cemented their status at the top for this week with their throttling of Va Tech on Saturday Night. Florida is at #2 mainly because it appears their offense has not missed a beat with Tebow at the helm. Defense is still a question and they are a ways behind LSU right now. South Carolina moves in after a big road win at Georgia. They did just enough to win the game and give themselves a head start in the SEC East race. Arkansas has not played anybody of consequence, but Darren McFadden and Felix Jones have picked up where they left off last year. I put Tennessee in at #5 mainly because we have a good idea of what they can do after five games because they have played a top 10 team and a decent Conference USA team. Alabama and Georgia are next in line.

1. Georgia Tech
2. Boston College
3. Clemson
4. Virginia Tech

5. Wake Forest
Looking In: Take your pick except for Duke
Bottom: Duke

The ACC looks to be weak again this year, but a few teams have played very to start the season. Georgia Tech destroyed Notre Dame on the road and followed it up with a 69-14 win over Samford where backups played 3/4 of the game. Boston College has been solid, looking like a Tom O'Brien coached team even though he is now at NC State. Clemson's running back tandem are vying with Arkansas for the best duo in the country and Cullen Harper has been a surprise at QB in two convincing wins. I put Va Tech at #4 because they have the talent and showed some life with Tyrod Taylor at QB. Wake Forest played hard, but came up just short against Nebraska last week. They look to be a tough out again this year.

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