Monday, September 17, 2007

Week 4 Power Rankings

First full edition of the Power Rankings after 3 weeks of play. LSU and Florida are clearly the class of the SEC, while Boston College has separated itself in the ACC. Teams like South Carolina, Alabama, and Clemson are in a position to play spoilers.

1. LSU
They have a big win over preseason ACC fav Va Tech and looked to have not missed a beat

2. Florida
39 point win over Tennessee was very impressive; Meyer's offense very tough to defend

3. Boston College
Near flawless execution in a 14 point win at Georgia Tech

4. South Carolina
Big game at LSU this week; no doubt Spurrier already been preparing for a week

5. Alabama
The Tide got the Razorback hog off their back; they usually do well when they beat the Hogs

6. Clemson
Cullen Harper has been a big surprise at QB

7. Arkansas
Tough loss to Alabama, but looks like they are still very strong

8. Georgia Tech
Humbling, Sobering are words to describe loss to BC; back to drawing board with pass defense

9. Kentucky
Rich Brooks finally got that big win; Andre Woodson is the real deal at QB

10. Georgia
Despite an early season loss, this team could still make some noise in the SEC East

11. Tennessee
A 1-2 start is not a huge surprise, but the performance in those losses is

12. Virginia Tech
Freshman Tyrod Taylor hopes to jumpstart the Hokies as they begin ACC play

13. Wake Forest
14. Florida State
15. Maryland
16. Miami
17. Miss St
18. Auburn
19. Virginia
20. Vanderbilt
21. NC State
22. North Carolina
23. Ole Miss
24. Duke

Group 1
1. LSU
2. Florida
Group 2
3. South Carolina
4. Alabama
5. Arkansas
6. Kentucky
7. Georgia
Group 3
8. Tennessee
Group 4
9. Miss St
10. Auburn
11. Vanderbilt
Group 5
12. Ole Miss

Group 1
1. Boston College
2. Clemson
Group 2
3. Georgia Tech
4. Virginia Tech
Group 3
5. Wake Forest
6. Florida State
7. Maryland
8. Miami
9. Virginia
Group 4
10. NC State
11. North Carolina
12. Duke

National Top 10
1. USC
2. LSU
3. Oklahoma
4. Florida
5. West Virginia
6. Notre Dame (just kidding, but a big drop between top 5 and next 5)
6. Cal
7. Ohio State
8. Texas
9. Wisconsin
10. Boston College

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