Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Power Rankings

Late this week, but here goes nothing...

1. LSU
2. Florida
3. Auburn
4. South Carolina
5. Kentucky
6. Georgia
7. Alabama
8. Tennessee
9. Arkansas
10. Vanderbilt
11. Miss St
12. Ole Miss

LSU remains in the top at their gutsy win over Auburn. I moved Auburn up after they were up on LSU for most of the game. Auburn is playing much better after a rocky start. Kentucky just didn’t have enough in the tank to beat a rested Florida team on Saturday, so they move down just 1 spot. Tennessee falls to number 8 after the embarrassing loss at Alabama. The only keeping them falling behind Arkansas was that the Razorbacks just got their first SEC win over Ole Miss. Vanderbilt at number 10 shows the depth of the SEC. Compare them to other conferences 10th best teams (North Carolina, Iowa, Nebraska, Stanford) and Vandy would be favored by a touchdown over all of those.

1. Boston College
2. Virginia Tech
3. Virginia
4. Wake Forest
5. Maryland
6. Georgia Tech
7. Clemson
8. Miami
9. Florida State
10. North Carolina
11. NC State
12. Duke

BC remains at the top of the league waiting for their showdown with Virginia Tech this Thursday. Virginia moves into #3 after a come from behind victory at Maryland. The Terps move down a few spots – they held a 14-3 lead at one point in the game. Miami’s win over in state rival moves them above the Seminoles whose 2 game winning streak in the series is over; FSU is really struggling at QB. The bottom 3 of the ACC is the best it has been in a couple of years though.

Top 10
1. Ohio State
2. LSU
3. Boston College
4. Oklahoma
5. Oregon
6. West Virginia
7. USC
8. Florida
9. Arizona State
10. Kansas

Ohio State keeps the top spot despite almost giving the game away to Michigan State on Saturday. LSU moves up to #2 after the thrilling victory Saturday night. The Tigers bye week could not come at a better time after 3 brutal games in a row. Oklahoma was mostly the beneficiary of teams above them losing only beating Iowa State by 10. USC travels to Oregon this weekend in what should be a shootout. Rounding out the top 10 are two new teams – Arizona State, Kansas. Arizona State hosts a struggling Cal team off 2 straight losses, but the Bears have owned ASU of late. Kansas goes to Texas A&M and has a decent shot at 12-0 during the regular season as they don’t play Texas or Oklahoma from the South.

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