Monday, October 29, 2007

SEC Basketball Media Predictions

Let's get right to the poll...

1. Tennessee - 180 points
2. Kentucky - 142 points
3. Florida - 103 points
4. Vanderbilt - 98 points
5. Georgia - 69 points
6. South Carolina - 38 points

1. Arkansas - 168 points
2. Miss St - 148 points
3. Alabama - 111 points
4. Auburn - 94 points
5. LSU - 63 points
6. Ole Miss - 46 points

The media thinks Florida will fall hard to 3rd in the East and they barely voted them ahead of Vandy. Tennessee hopes to finally break through this year as they matched the Gators head to head the last two years. Kentucky has high hopes this year with Billy Gillespie attempting to right the Kentucky ship. I think the East will get four teams in the NCAA Tournament. Georgia might have made it five, but with three key players suspended to start the year, the Bulldogs could be off to a rough start.

I think the SEC West is significantly weaker than the East. Arkansas will be lead by sophomore Patrick Beverly and they are hoping to make it back to the Tournament. Alabama looks to be taking a step back this year after a couple of preseason top 25 appearances. LSU looks to have taken the biggest fall though with the loss of Glen Davis.

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