Thursday, November 15, 2007

ACC vs Big Ten Football Challenge

An interesting thread on the Hive (GT Scout site) regarding an ACC-Big 10 challenge in football. These two conferences have had a basketball challenge, which the ACC has won every year, but rarely play in football.

Their list is based on Sagarin ratings and features (they also threw in Notre Dame):
1. Ohio State vs Clemson
2. Illinois vs Virginia Tech
3. Michigan vs Boston College
5. Wisconsin vs FSU
6. Georgia Tech vs Purdue
11. Miami vs Notre Dame
among others.

Based on the Sagarin matchups, I give the ACC 7 out 12 wins (VT, Virginia, Wake, NC State, North Carolina, Miami, Duke).

My matchups which are pretty similar:
Virginia Tech vs Ohio State (W)
Clemson (W) vs Michigan
Virginia (W) vs Illinois
Boston College vs Penn State (W)
Wake Forest vs Wisconsin (W)
Maryland vs Michigan State (W)
Georgia Tech vs Purdue (W)
FSU (W) vs Iowa
NC State (W) vs Indiana
North Carolina (W) vs Northwestern
Miami (W) vs Notre Dame
Duke (W) vs Minnesota

I still have the ACC winning 7 of the 12 matchups. The Big 10 is better at the top of the conference, but the ACC is deeper. I think the same applies for the SEC vs Pac 10. The SEC is deeper.


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