Saturday, November 3, 2007

Nebraska +19 vs Kansas

Nebraska had won 36 in a row vs Kansas before 2005. They have split the last two years, so Nebraska has won a meager 37 of the last 38 in this series.

Now they are 20 point underdogs to the Jayhawks in Lawrence… in football!!! I can believe this line in basketball, but football? I know that Nebraska has not been relative on the national championship scene since 2002, but Kansas has not been on the national scene since the 1950s.

Throw in that Tom Osborne said on air this week that there will be a new coaching staff next year [to decide the fate of the walk on program] and you have a sinking ship (or cornhusker). I know, I know – Nebraska only lost by 3 in Austin last week, but I am not sold on Texas either by any means. Texas hasn’t been impressive in any game since their loss to Texas AM last year. Kansas can take out years of frustration on Nebraska this Saturday and Bill Callahan doesn’t strike me as a “rah rah”, Win One for the Gipper type coach. He has been very polarizing in Lincoln and is sending his resume out to anyone who will listen. He won one year with the Raiders and then he tanked. He won one year with Nebraska and now he has tanked again. And Nebraska will be without QB Sam Keller who nearly beat out (and did beat out for 1 day) Arizona’s State Rudy Carpenter two years ago. Tommie Frazier isn’t walking through that door. Cory Schlesinger isn’t walking through that door.

Where have you gone Frank Solich?

For the money, I like Kansas in this game.

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